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    17 Tweets You'll Only Relate To If You're Newly Obsessed With "Set It Up"

    "Zoey Deutch is the millennial Meg Ryan..."

    Over the weekend, half of my Twitter timeline was watching Netflix's delightfully charming new rom-com, Set It Up, and I guess the other half was out in the real world living their lives or something? Strange!!!

    I honestly cannot get enough of the film, which stars Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell as a pair of assistants working in NYC for Miranda Priestly-esque bosses (Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs, respectively) — and *the internet* seems to agree.

    Here are tweets that'll make you laugh, swoon, and then go re-watch all over again, tbh:


    When Harper's best friend got engaged in Set It Up and she said with a strained smile, "Oh my God!!!.....we're not old enough to get married though" I felt that


    I cared more about the pizza in Set It Up than any of the dinosaurs in Jurassic World.


    If I wasn't already bi I would be after seeing Lucy Liu in a power suit in "Set It Up."


    zoey deutch wearing her hoodie back to front and filling the hood up with popcorn in set it up is the new 2018 mood


    .@netflix is so cool with their original movies. I just watched their new rom-com movie, Set It Up. You know it's a good rom-com when you're yelling at your tv while eating a pint of ice cream


    No seriously though, I’m gonna need a Set it Up sequel of Harper and Charlie just being cute af for two hours pls @netflix


    Nothing is more relatable than @glenpowell drunkenly saying "I wanna fuck this pizza" in SET IT UP.


    Titus's appearance in Set it Up just cured my depression.


    i’m watching set it up (2018) exclusively for lucy liu and pete davidson just popped up out of nowhere 13 minutes in


    my sexuality is the way lucy liu say kitten in set it up



    i'm living for the netflix rom com set it up but i am L I V I N G for the writing advice delivered via pillow assault by the best friend


    okay but set it up was such a cute movie


    yall netflix put out this movie called “Set It Up” and its the most wholesome and adorable rom com i’ve ever seen please watch it


    Can report the new Netflix romcom Set It Up is really fun and unproblematic and actually genuinely funny and has a wild amount of excellent guest actors


    Zoey Deutch is the millennial Meg Ryan FIGHT ME I LOVED SET IT UP MORE ROM COMS PLEASE @netflix THANK YOU 💌💌💌


    I would be perfectly happy if Glen Powell and Zoey Deutch became this generation’s Hanks/Ryan *this tweet brought to you by watching Set It Up for the second time this weekend