17 Former Disney Star Tweets That Prove They'll Always Be Disney Kids

    "Thanks Disney, you treat me so well."

    1. When Kevin Jonas pointed out that the Disney trinity was dominating today's music charts:

    Gotta say this is really interesting and amazing.

    2. When Hilary Duff knew that Lizzie McGuire was the original bitmoji:

    3. When Miley Cyrus and Alyson Stoner had this perfect exchange:

    4. When Mitchel Musso roasted his Disney wardrobe...

    fuckin Diamond plaid, double collar, pants like wtf lookin motherfucka and the shoes? What in the actual fuck. Why… https://t.co/B3sZvuNKWW

    5. ...and his Disney wand...

    Hi! I'm Mitchel Musso and you already know wtf time it is baby

    6. ...but also had this super-pure memory of life on Hannah Montana:

    When I started ballin' I was young. "Love these women"

    7. When Christy Carlson Romano was just stating FACTS:

    8. When Mr. Moseby threw it back to the PRNDL:

    It was a close one, but she remembered where the PRNDL was! #seconddaughter

    9. When Ashley Tisdale agreed that Sharpay is the true hero of High School Musical...

    10. ...and when she proved that some things will never change:

    Happy birthday buddy! @ZacEfron you will always be the Troy to my Sharpay. ❤️ you brother!

    11. When Emily Osment revealed she hasn't changed at all since Hannah Montana:

    Just read online it's been 11 years since Hannah Montana aired. Coincidence considering I've only gained 11 lbs sin… https://t.co/X1VDxBFVOy

    12. When Raven revealed she will still get mad if he gets it wrong...

    I’d still get mad if you got this wrong @Liljsback 😂💜 #TBT

    13. ...and when she shared this PERFECT throwback pic:

    Check it, me on #Zenon back in the day!! #tbt #disney

    14. When Cole Sprouse revealed he's never quite grown out of the Tipton:

    15. When Dylan Sprouse had a confession to make:

    My biggest secret? I'm the author of all Zack and Cody fanfic'. every. last. one.

    16. When Demi Lovato reached out to all but one Jonas for a Camp Rock reunion (sorry, Kevin!):

    @joejonas & @nickjonas... Thoughts? 😜 RT @rousy_27: @ddlovato @joejonas you should make another "Camp Rock" 😁😁☺❤✌

    17. And, finally, when Selena Gomez was just so freakin' pure: