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    Updated on May 14, 2019. Posted on May 13, 2019

    Here's How 17 Celebrities Reacted To "Game Of Thrones" This Week

    "Game of Thrones was pretty uplifting tonight."

    1. Mindy Kaling

    I liked what Dany did, I didn’t care about those randos, I would’ve done the same, should I be tweeting this

    2. Emilia Clarke

    3. T-Pain

    Your Uber eats is outside please meet your carrier at the curb. Oh I’m sorry you didn’t order THE FUCKIN DRAGON?!?!? Too bad bitch!!!!! @HBO @GameOfThrones #GoT #Season8 #DemThrones #Episode5

    4. Kristen Bell

    My favorite part of #GameofThronesseason8episode5 was, everytime we saw the green wildfire exploding in Westeros, @HiRyanHansen yelling "Dragon Fart!" #GoTS8

    5. Kumail Nanjiani

    After tonight’s Game of Thrones and Veep, I will never recover. I’m gonna go lay in a soft bed for three months. Goodnight.

    6. Leslie Jones


    7. Nathalie Emmanuel

    I know @GameOfThrones is on somewhere in the world now... I’m on a flight right now... no spoilers please.... #lol

    8. Elizabeth Banks

    Sansa + Yara take it all back. Arya as hand. Women rule Westeros. #GOTS8E5

    9. Zedd

    Wether you like Game of Thrones or not; this episode was a cinematic masterpiece. The shots/ cinematography/ CGI / VFX were absolutely unreal.

    10. Mark Hoppus

    GoT spoiler alert: I HAVE SAID FOR *YEARS* THAT DANY IS TERRIBLE. Honestly, being right about everything all the time is a burden more than a gift.

    11. Theo Rossi

    ALL the BEST characters DIE in the 2nd to last episode of a television show. TRUST ME I know!!!!! #AlwaysFinishYourPIE 👑🐉👑🐺👑🐉👑🐺👑 #GameOfThrones

    12. Dane Cook

    As I watched Dany burning Kings Landing to Hell I remembered it was Mother’s Day & felt a soft spot for her. She was the mother of two dragons that sadly passed. She was also not given sex that day & honestly that was probably the straw that broke the camels back.

    13. Stephen Amell

    14. Jessica Chastain

    My Queen. I accept no substitutions. #GameofThrones ⁦@SophieT⁩

    15. Erika Jayne

    My girl #AryaStark lives to fight another day!! @GameOfThrones

    16. Zara Larsson

    I- I don't even know how to form a sentence after this episode?

    17. And Natasha Lyonne

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