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    17 Intimidating-As-Hell Cartoon Characters You Haven't Thought Of Since The '90s And '00s

    100% animated, 100% cooler than me.

    1. Reggie Rocket from Rocket Power


    She had purple hair, a cool AF name, and was capable of interacting with ~ boys ~ without stuttering, which was honestly so aspirational for me.

    2. Ashley Spinelli from Recess


    Spinelli was also way cooler than me, but in a different and scarier kinda way.

    3. The Ashleys from Recess


    Listen, I don't LIKE that The Ashleys intimidated me, but would I have sold a kidney and my Beanie Baby collection for my mother to rename me Ashley on the off chance that they'd let me join? Obviously.

    4. Angelica Pickles from Rugrats


    If you can't admit you were somewhat scared by and in awe of this literal toddler cartoon, then I don't know what to tell you.

    5. Susie Carmichael from Rugrats


    But the truth is, as far as the "older" Rugrats kids go, Susie was actually way more intimidating because she was so fucking nice and smart and cool and you could just tell she'd grow up to be very popular.

    6. Olga Pataki from Hey Arnold!


    She was perfect and IN COLLEGE. Like, are you kidding me? I'm pretty sure she now lives in a gorgeous Brooklyn Heights brownstone with her children Brayden and Rain.

    7. Ruth from Hey Arnold!


    Quick shoutout to Ruth who successfully landed a BF and honestly wasn't even all that into him. An icon.

    8. Debbie Thornberry from The Wild Thornberrys


    Legit a fucking sassy icon, and I don't know how she ended up in a family of nerds. (To be clear, they were all still cooler than me.)

    9. Penny Proud from The Proud Family

    Disney Channel

    She's Penny Proud and she's cute and she's loud and she's on.

    10. Courtney Gripling from As Told By Ginger


    Who's the girl in the pink Capris?

    It's Courtney! It's Courtney!

    Who's the girl who loves to ski?

    It's Courtney! It's Courtney!

    Who throws the best parties?

    It's Courtney! It's Courtney!

    Who's the girl we all agree?

    It's Courtney! It's Courtney!

    11. Miranda Killgallen from As Told By Ginger


    While Courtney was intimidating in an ~ obvious ~ way, Miranda was clearly the brains behind their evil middle school empire, which made her badass and scary as hell.

    12. Kim Possible from Kim Possible

    Disney Channel

    Smart. Cool. Funny. Perfect Hair. Literally a crime-fighting hero. Invented black turtlenecks, crop-tops, crop-top black turtlenecks, and the word "sitch."

    13. Trinket St. Blair from Pepper Ann


    Unlike Pepper Ann, Trinket really was much too cool for 7th grade.

    14. Nanette Nanoir from Angela Aneconda


    Extremely rude human who definitely peaked at age eight, but had perfect hair and bangin' style, so I couldn't help but be intimidated.

    15. Gemini "Gem" Stone from Sabrina the Animated Series


    She was rude as heck to Sabrina, but her name was LITERALLY gemstone and her bangs were perfect.

    16. Sharon Spitz aka Braceface

    Jade Animation

    I never had braces, so I thought they were really cool — especially her magic ones. Plus, she was voiced by Alicia Silverstone and the show had an iconic theme song.

    17. Judy Funnie from Doug


    Obviously I'm referring to the Nickelodeon version of Doug. Nothing about the Disney version was cool or intimidating. But Judy was a style icon who was EXTRA AS HELL before being extra was even officially a thing.

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