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    15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    "Stop calling me daddy, my kids are getting confused."

    1. Gordon Ramsay was intrigued by Lil Nas X's new remix idea:

    Tell me more...

    2. Taylor Swift absolutely COULD NOT calm down about this Cher tweet:

    When you have a song about being calm and the video has a Cher quote in it and she posts it so henceforth you are not able to be calm anymore 😆

    3. Diplo had a plea for his fans:

    stop calling me daddy my kids are getting confused

    4. Mariah Carey had a hilarious response to this cake fail:

    This could've been me if only I hadn't failed remedial math 🤦‍♀️ happy birthday Siobhan!! 😘

    5. Seth Rogen revealed his mom is a harsh movie critic:

    @MackenziePadula Yeah. She’s straight up told me not to make movies that she doesn’t like the script for.

    6. Lizzo hilariously showed us all what can happen when you wear green:

    Me, after drinking 8 glasses of water and eating kale

    7. Halsey (aka ASHLEY) felt like the Miley Cyrus Black Mirror episode sounded a liiiittle too familiar:

    Black Mirror episode about a popstar named Ashley with colorful hair. Existential crisis: Engage.

    8. Cole Sprouse demanded a new form of pay:

    Every contract I sign I demand to be paid in robux, the only true untraceable currency.

    9. Sophie Turner let the casting gods know she'd be into playing Boy George in a biopic:

    I’m SO down @BoyGeorge

    10. Dax Shepard had some problems with dictating his texts:

    I don't like when my auto dictate spells "cause" as "cuz." It feels super perverse.

    11. Paul McCartney celebrated his birthday:

    12. Kat McPhee eagerly anticipated the return of Camila Cabello:

    The return of @Camila_Cabello is upon us. I can feel it in the air. 🙌🏽

    13. Cardi B had some thoughts:

    Chicken wings or chicken wangs ? ....stupid shit I think

    14. Josh Gad introduced his kids to the wonder of Back to the Future:

    Guys...I just showed my girls #backtothefuture and it was everything I needed it to be for them. I want to cry with joy. #Seminalparentingmoment

    15. And Billy Eichner dedicated Father's Day to the only person who matters: