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    Posted on May 25, 2018

    15 Celeb Tweets You Missed This Week

    "How many iced coffees are acceptable to drink in one day?"

    1. Chrissy Teigen took a BuzzFeed quiz and got a surprising result...

    “plan a brunch and we’ll reveal with famous john was destined to be your bae”

    2. ...and John Krasinski apologized to John Legend about it:

    Ok, @johnlegend I had nothing to do with this!!!....... (Or DID I?)

    3. Dua Lipa made a joke about the way Wendy Williams pronounced her name:

    4. Anna Kendrick revealed her online shopping strategy:

    My online shopping style: Put everything I like in the cart. Edit. Edit more. Edit until I’m down to one item. Decide it’s not even worth typing out my credit card info. Watch free porn.

    5. Actor Dean Norris tweeted (and did not delete) this:

    6. Chris Pratt accepted a marriage proposal:

    7. Zendaya had no time for this paparazzi question:

    The paparazzi dude at the airport asked me about my feet...yeah. Of all the shit to ask, man gtfoh 😂

    8. Niall Horan had a sweet surprise on his flight home:

    Had the coolest little goodie bag on the plane with this letter enclosed . Marit was quiet as a mouse for 10 hours . Goodluck to both dads

    9. Billy Eichner was impressed with Meghan Markle:

    Well we can't agree on much but I think we can all agree Meghan Markle had a good pilot season.

    10. Reese Witherspoon had a valid question about iced coffee:

    How many iced coffees are acceptable to drink in one day? Asking for a friend. #IcedCoffeeDay

    11. Cole Sprouse reached new levels of pettiness:

    If you really think I’m petty enough to create a brand new account, just to remind the people who blocked me that they don’t mean shit, then you’re absolutely right.

    12. Gal Gadot celebrated National Sing Out Day:

    I heard its National Sing Out Day.. But honestly that's everyday for me 😂😂

    13. Lady Gaga celebrated a big anniversary:

    I’m emotional. It’s been 7 yrs since the release of “Born This Way.” It’s a celebration of love & diversity that bred compassion. I was able to tour the world & touch the hands of millions of fans who felt different. I love you little monsters. Forever. #HappyBirthdayBornThisWay

    14. Adam Rippon had a thousand questions for his mom:

    About to head into a photo shoot and my mom told me to “show them your money maker”.. I have a thousand questions.

    15. And Ariana Grande had this incredibly sweet and pure interaction with a fan:

    @letmeIoveyou @hersadore @lNTOBEY @suchdreamy ohh. my god. home? i’m fucking crying what. same.

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