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    15 Celeb Tweets You Missed This Week

    "I think we will regret this tiny sunglasses look..."

    1. Chrissy Teigen gave birth to baby number two...

    Somebody’s herrrrrrre! 🍼🤗🍼🤗

    2. ...but, more importantly, she fell on the right side of history:

    3. In other Mindy Kaling news, she laid down the law about the latest sunglasses trend:

    I think we will regret this tiny sunglasses look

    4. Cole Sprouse decided to clear up any confusion once and for all:

    It's pronounced Sprouse, not Sprouse. Don't understand why there's confusion.

    5. Dylan Sprouse enjoyed a radical throwback pic:

    6. Pink clapped the fuck back at a troll:

    7. John Stamos shared this precious throwback for Bob Saget's birthday:

    You may not remember, but years ago we did a show together with some kids. Since then, my love for you has grown longer than my mullet. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @bobsaget I LOVE YOU XO

    8. Ryan Reynolds took a compliment from Elizabeth Banks:

    9. Busy Philipps came up with a genius new business plan:

    I'm going to start a diet meal delivery service that's called Tiny Bits of Shitty Food.

    10. Pauly D got litigious:

    11. Kristen Bell finally came up with a good comeback to her husband Dax Shepard's tweet from last week:

    12. Hailey Baldwin felt parched:

    13. Dua Lipa added another new rule:

    14. Finn Wolfhard shared the world's most relatable meme:

    15. And Zendaya threw down a challenge to Twitter Moments:

    Twitter stop making me a moment for no important reason challenge.