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    Here Are 14 Side-By-Sides Of The Teens From "13 Going On 30" Then Vs. Now

    They are, in fact, going on 30.

    Christa B. Allen as Young Jenna

    Rich Fury / Getty Images, Columbia Pictures

    Then: Wanted to be 30 and flirty and thriving.

    Now: Christa played a young Jennifer Garner AGAIN in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. She also had a lead role on ABC's Revenge and a guest arc on Baby Daddy. Recently, she's starred in a number of TV movies as well.

    Is she 30 yet?: No, not yet. Christa is 27.

    Sean Marquette as Young Matty

    Columbia Pictures, Richard Cartwright / Getty Images

    Then: Really didn't need to give Jenna a play-by-play.

    Now: As you can see, Sean just went from keyboard to sax with a major role as Johnny Atkins on ABC's The Goldbergs and its spin-off, Schooled.

    Is he 30 yet?: Yes, he is! And thriving!


    Columbia Pictures

    Alexandra Kyle as Young Tom-Tom

    Columbia Pictures, Michael Bezjian / Getty Images

    Then: She led the six chicks.

    Now: She's appeared in shows like Justified, NCIS, and Rosewood.

    Is she 30 yet?: Yes, she is! She turned 30 in November.

    Ashley Benson as Six Chick

    Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images, Columbia Pictures

    Then: She appeared as "six chick." No name, not even a NUMBER, but let's just say she was Six Chick #3.

    Now: Ashley starred in a little show called Pretty Little Liars as Hanna Marin.

    Is she 30 yet?: Not yet! Ashley is 29. (She turns 30 in December! Flirty!)

    Brie Larson as Six Chick

    Valerie Macon / AFP / Getty Images, Columbia Pictures

    Then: Again, no name. Just a nameless six chick with interesting bangs.

    Now: Lol, I don't even need to go INTO the now. Now she's an Oscar winner who also happens to play, ohhhh, CAPTAIN MARVEL. THRI-VING.

    Is she 30 yet?: Not yet! Brie is 29. (She turns 30 in October, exactly two weeks before I do. We are equally successful for our age.)

    Brittany Curran as Six Chick

    Phillip Faraone / Getty Images, Columbia Pictures

    Then: One of the brunette six chicks! Not to be confused with the blonde ones.

    Now: She's one of the stars of Syfy's The Magicians. She has also appeared in Chicago Fire and the 2014 movie Dear White People.

    Is she 30 yet?: Not yet. Brittany is 28.

    Julia Roth as Six Chick

    Theo Wargo, Columbia Pictures

    Then: You guessed it! Another six chick!

    Now: Julia is an actor, writer, producer, and director, and just a fun fact: A year after 13 Going on 30 she had an appearance in Rent. I'm so jealous.

    Is she 30 yet?: Ahh, I'm not sure!

    Megan Lusk as Six Chick:

    Twitter, Columbia Pictures

    Then: The sixth chick.

    Now: Megan's last acting credit is from 2005, but via Twitter I've found she's a huge supporter of getting One Day at a Time renewed, which makes her a HUGE STAR in my book.

    Is she 30 yet?: Soon! She turns 30 in June. Happy birthday!


    Columbia Pictures

    Renee Olstead as Becky

    Tara Ziemba / Getty Images, Columbia Pictures

    Then: Jenna Rink's neighbor who shared an elevator moment and a sleepover party with her.

    Now: After 13 Going on 30, Renee went on to play Madison, a regular character on The Secret Life of the American Teenager and she's had several TV and movie appearances since.

    Is she 30 yet?: Soon! She ALSO turns 30 in June! Yay!

    Gia Mantegna as Gina

    Columbia Pictures,

    Then: She was young, heartache to heartache SHE STOOD.

    Now: Gia has had major roles on shows like Under the Dome, The Middle, Criminal Minds, and The Dead Girls Detective Agency. Also, fun fact, her father is actor Joe Mantegna.

    Is she 30 yet?: No, Gia is 29.

    Catherine Combs as Catherine

    Columbia Pictures,

    Then: She had no promises, no demands!!!

    Now: After being at the BEST SLEEPOVER EVER, Catherine appeared in The Blind Side as well as shows like The Mentalist, Mysteries of Laura, and, most recently, New Amsterdam.

    Is she 30 yet?: Nope, she's 28.

    Sydni Beaudoin as Sydni

    Columbia Pictures,

    Then: Love was a battlefield!

    Now: Sydni has appeared in episodes of The Leftovers and Friends From College. She also was on Broadway in the ensemble of Mamma Mia!.

    Is she 30 yet?: Nope, she's 29!

    Sara Swain as Sara

    Columbia Pictures,

    Then: She was strong, no one could tell her she's wrong!

    Now: Sara still acts in shorts and TV movies.

    Is she 30 yet?: Not yet! She'll be 30 in August.

    Maddy Sprung-Keyser as Maddy

    Columbia Pictures,

    Then: Since I've run the course on "Love Is a Battlefield" jokes, here I should note that Jennifer Garner just revealed Maddy was her "adopted LA family member" and she tossed her into the scene.

    Now: I'll let Jennifer Garner's IG post do the talking: She "went on to be an Academic All American swimmer at Amherst, got her law degree from NYU, and is producing podcasts for Looking back into her adolescence—with the hair and the men not wanting to jump her bones—is extra special today." I'M CRYIN'.

    Is she 30 yet?: No, she's approximately 28! (All I know is she was ~actually ~ 13 when the movie came out in 2004.)

    Note: The last photograph I could find of Chris Grandy (Alex Black) is from 2009, so I'm just going to keep pretending he really did grow up to be Jim Gaffigan.

    Columbia Pictures

    Anyway, big H/T to Jennifer Garner herself for helping me find recent pics of the sleepover party guests, thanks to her adorable tribute to the film...

    ...and, speaking of, she has not aged one single day. The end.

    Jean-baptiste Lacroix / AFP / Getty Images, Sgranitz / WireImage

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