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    Superstore Aired Its Series Finale And Here’s What Happened To Each Character


    After six years, the time has come to say goodbye to all of our favorite Cloud 9 employees.

    Here's what happened to each character:

    Amy Sosa (America Ferrera)

    Amy (America Ferrera) returns to Cloud 9.

    Jonah Simms (Ben Feldman)

    Jonah (Ben Feldman) and Amy (America Ferrera) put their kids to bed in a flash-forward.

    Dina Fox (Lauren Ash)

    Glenn (Mark McKinney) and Dina (Lauren Ash) share a moving conversation in their last moment in Cloud 9.

    Garrett McNeill (Colton Dunn)

    Garrett (Colton Dunn) gives his last announcement at Cloud 9.

    Glenn Sturgis (Mark McKinney)

    Glenn (Mark McKinney), Mateo (Nico Santos), and Cheyenne (Nichole Bloom) prepare to reopen Sturgis & Sons, Glenn's father's hardware store.

    Cheyenne Lee (Nichole Bloom)

    Cheyenne (Nichole Bloom) and Amy (America Ferrera) discuss Amy's relationship with Jonah, with Dina (not pictured).

    Mateo Liwanag (Nico Santos)

    Mateo (Nico Santos), Eric (George Salazar), Marcus (Jon Barinholtz), Earl (Will McLaughlin), Sayid (Amir M. Korangy), and Nia (Franchesca Ramsey) gather at the barbecue in the flash-forward.

    Sandra Kaluiokalani (Kaliko Kauahi)

    Sandra (Kaliko Kauahi), Jerry (Chris Grace), and Janet (Carla Renata) play cornhole at Glenn's barbecue in the flash-forward.

    As for some of our other beloved characters...

    Justine (Kelly Schumann) and Marcus (Jon Barinholtz) end up working at the Zephra store along with Dina and Sandra, and are both shown in attendance at the barbecue. Also at the barbecue are Janet (Carla Renata), Earl (Will McLaughlin), Sayid (Amir M. Korangy), Carol (Irene White), Nia (Franchesca Ramsey), and Tony (Benjamin Norris).

    And of course, I'd be remiss not to mention what happened to Elias (Danny Gura). Caution: MAJOR SPOILER AHEAD.

    Elias (Danny Gura) leaves a severed foot on the candle shelf.

    So, there you have it. Superstore, thank you for these wonderful six years. We will miss you dearly.