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10 Reasons Betty And Veronica Wrote The Book On Style

Archie #1 may be getting all the buzz right now, but I can't wait to see more of these ladies.

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1. Classic coifs


The hair is the defining characteristic between Archie's gals. While simple in theory, the hairstyles reflect major on each of their personalities. Veronica spends lots of money and time on her maven locks. Between sports, volunteering and working on Archie's car, Betty opts for a simple, yet classic pony.

2. Ditto for the face


The girls are such icons they even had a MAC collection in 2013. Even though you'll only find a hint of red or pink on their lips (and sometimes the nails), they inspired blushes, popping eye shadows and nail polish.

3. They never wear the same bathing suit twice

The beach is a favorite hang out spot for the Riverdale teens and bathing suits are rarely repeated (surely because that would be a pain and boring for comic book artists).

4. They clean out their closets


There's several story lines that depict just how different the girls' fashion woes can be. Sometimes Veronica gives her hand-me-downs to Betty, and sometimes she donates the lot to charity rummage sales. Betty will then often find score new duds from the sales or make her own clothes. (Also, who doesn't want Betty's outfit here?)

5. They're a sport about wearing fan-made creations

Via Instagram: @riverdalefashions

In the older comics and digests you'll see fan art and submitted styles that are re-drawn by artists. Sometimes, they're a little out there, but B&V are game because they look good in everything.

8. Prom perfect


If it seems that Betty and Veronica have been to about a gazillion proms, you're not wrong. But even though it might be tiring, the girls are always ready to wow. And bonus points to Betty who usually opts to make her dress from scratch, a la Andi Walsh from "Pretty in Pink."

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