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Where Can We Find Artificial Intelligence In Agriculture

This is an article by Amrit P. Acharya; an Agribusiness expert with deep expertize in modernizing farms through technology.

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Where Can We Find Artificial Intelligence In Agriculture

Despite the various challenges that deploying AI in AgTech is facing, there are currently a lot of AI powered technologies that are being deployed in farms around the world. These technologies are designed with data from farms and then trained for different circumstances and specific use cases as per different location, regions, planting densities etc.

In this article, I aim to shine some light on these technologies, their makers and how they work, to give the reader (you) a glimpse at the power of AI in enhancing agricultural outputs, increasing and boosting automation of farm process and product developments.

1.See and Spray: Developed by Blue River Technologies; this AI powered weeding system is trained to identify weed and crop patterns using high resolution images and then apply herbicides directly to the weed while leaving the crops. This eliminates the dilemma of selective and non-selective herbicides application, and reduces herbicide wastage by as much as 90%. Blue River Technologies recently got acquired by John Deere for over $300m.

2.PlantVillage: This website has a database of over 50,000 photos of sick and healthy plants. With this database, an AI powered farming app can be created to help diagnose if a plant is sick or healthy from the photos uploaded by farmers.

3.LettuceBot: This AI powered robot is capable of taking over 5000 photos per minute. It distinguishes weeds from healthy plants and then sprays them directly. These are precision gadgets similar to See and Spray; they increase efficiency, reduce cost and save time.

4.Self driving tractors: This tractor is trained to navigate the farm land unmanned. It is trained to identify objects via a video camera and draw out a course for its safe movement through the farm.

5.Slantrage plant population system: This AI powered survey equipment is trained to identify crop patterns and compute the population of crops in the farm. This will help farmers in determining the germination density across their entire farmland in the planting season.

6.Abundant Robotics: A Google Venturs funded startup, this AI powered robot is trained to identify shapes of fruits. This information is processed using an algorithm, and is used to automate fruit harvesting. With more training and use, the precision will improve over time.

The fact that more and more AI powered technologies will be impacting the agricultural industry cannot be contested. More startups are beginning to see the impact that AI algorithms can make in agriculture and more funds are being channeled into AI powered AgTech to improve agricultural processes, and help prepare the world for the impeding and predicted population explosion and a consequent famine.


Amrit P. Acharya is an Agribusiness expert with deep expertize in modernizing farms through technology. He has a background in management consulting and Agriculture focused venture capital at Monsanto’s corporate venture capital group. He’s available to connect at

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