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Why Waxing Is A Thing Of The Past

Because it's 2015 and according to Back to the Future, we would all have Hoverboards by now.

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Hi, first off I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Jenn and I am almost addicted to laser hair removal because for some strange reason… I was granted hair, and a lot of it. My mom grew up with thin hair and always struggled for volume and regularly had her hair permed to make it look like she had more hair than what she really had. When she was pregnant with me, she had a couple wishes for me like the typical "make her smart so she can be a doctor or a lawyer", "give her fair skin and big eyes", but one wish she had for me was "give her lots of hair." Unfortunately, I was given lots of hair everywhere, not just the hair on my head. I was a waxing regular and then I decided to take the plunge and start to laser it all off; These are some things I learned during my journey:

Laser Hair Removal Doesn't Cost an Arm and a Leg Anymore

Research it! There are tons of Groupons with laser hair removal packages that don't break the bank!


And with that being said, be careful about Groupons and make sure that the medical facility you're going to has updated technology!

I bought a package from this one facility for a really good deal and when I got there, I learned why. Their technology was way outdated and it was so painful! It was also not as precise as the other machines so I wasn't sure how my new hairline was going to look! (I had gotten my sideburns lasered off for this particular package)

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Cheap isn't good and good isn't cheap

In order to get good results, each area needs 6 sessions, each of them being 4 weeks apart.

I don't know why this is… but every place I've gone to get lasered has told me this, so I'm going to chalk it up to science as to why that has to be.

The better the contrast between your skin tone and your hair color, the better the results.

I'm very fair skinned with dark hair so I was an excellent candidate. If you're unsure about whether you would make a good candidate, go in and have the nurse take a look at you. It's better to ask then to schedule your appointment and pay for the sessions and find out that you're not even qualified.


Fall and Winter are the best months to laser

Exposing any lasered area to the sun can put you at risk for hyperpigmentation. Not sure what that means, but when the nurse told me this.. she said it with a serious tone, so it must've been important. This also includes sunless tanning because remember point #4, you get better results with a higher contrast between your skin tone and hair color.

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Antibiotics will put you at risk for hyperpigmentation and Biotin will cancel out any results that you might've had. The whole point of laser hair removal is to keep the hair from growing back and the whole purpose of Biotin is to make hair grow faster… this includes body hair, not just the hair on your head. I have seen multiple beauty bloggers promote laser hair removal and biotin/hair growth products at the same time and either they're not being truthful or they're not being educated.

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You are not allowed to tweeze or wax the returning hair

Apparently, doing this encourages hair growth so shaving the area is encouraged as opposed to pulling out the hair by the root. And lastly...

Laser Hair Removal is NOT permanent

This was a big shock to me, but in the end it makes sense. The human body is a miracle and knows how to heal wounds and even adjusts to new surroundings and new fitness routines, so we're constantly having to challenge it. Laser hair removal is no different and all it will do is slow down the growth of your hair and thin it considerably

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Before you freak out, et's break this down cost-wise. I used to pay someone $20 to wax my underarms. Every single time, it would hurt. The friction from my t shirt and my raw skin would cause something similar to a burn and I actually paid someone to do it for me. I was told many times that over time the hair would become thinner, but that was not the truth. The only time my hair got noticeably thinner was when I did my first laser hair treatment.

For 6 sessions I paid $100, so right off the bat I'm saving $20 then if I were to continue waxing. I'm not allowed to tweeze or wax the area so I don't have to wait and grow out the area, and after the 6 sessions are done, I can "touch up" the area whenever I feel like it! In the end I'm saving so much more money because after the initial 6 sessions, I can stretch out the next 6 sessions over the course of a year.

Laser hair removal is something that people still think is unaffordable and extremely painful, but trust me… it's not. It must faster than waxing and the results last longer than waxing and best of all, it's becoming cheaper than waxing.

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