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19 Ways To Remember Your Dad This Father's Day

He may not be with us anymore, but let's celebrate his life.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community how they plan to honor their Father's memory this Father's Day. So if you're looking for ideas, we've got you covered.

We are here to help you get the celebration started!

1. Send him a Father's Day balloon.

Jenna Williams / Via

"Every year, I buy a Father's Day balloon, write a message to my dad on it, and then let it go into the sky. I've done it every year since he passed away in 2012. ❤️"

Submitted by Jenna Williams

2. Donate to charity.

"Our family decided to take what we would have spent on gifts and donate to a local charity instead. It’s a way to honor my dad and help others. He was always willing to share what he had and we hope to continue that through contributions in his honor."

Submitted by jenibas69

3. Run a race in his honor.

"This year...I am running Race for Life. I’m sure he would be proud."

Submitted by Emrum


4. Bake his favorite cake.

Paultessier / Getty Images

"This will be my first Father’s Day without my dad, but a friend of mine suggested honoring his life by making his favorite dish, which is a yellow cake with chocolate icing. I also plan on watching the sunset in Hermosa, which is the last place we met for dinner on the water when he was visiting California. It’s the little things like this, I think, that continue to help with healing."

Submitted by Farrah Penn

5. Continue your favorite traditions.

"We used to always go to Chinese buffets with him. It was always our thing. Every Father’s Day for the past four years, we’ve taken flowers to his grave and gone to a Chinese buffet. Simple but it's tradition."

Submitted by samanthaz09040791

6. Take a trip.

Carol M. Highsmith/Buyenlarge/Getty Images

"For Father’s Day, my grandmother and I are going to Lake Tahoe, one of his favorite places in the world. To honor his memory we are doing a few of the things he loved there. We will enjoy a beer on the beach, go kayaking, and go to one of his favorite restaurants."

Submitted by Lindsey S.

7. Reminisce with loved ones.

"Every year on Father’s day, I listen to the music we used to dance to when I was little. I also tell stories to my boyfriend about all the silly things my dad would do. I miss him everyday and I am so thankful that I had such a great Dad!"

Submitted by Jennybean83


9. Maybe he had a favorite hobby.

"What he loved to do most was go fishing. So every year, my brothers and I go to one of his favorite spots, which is also where we spread some of his ashes and we fish. In a way we know that he’s there with us."

Submitted by Hsioles

10. Or really loved a certain kind of music.

"I will be going to a concert (live music was a shared passion and the last activity we did together)."

Submitted by lcecl

11. Watch your dad's favorite TV show.


"This father’s day, I’m going to have a coke and make my dad’s old Saturday lunches. Massive burgers with the LOT. Everything and anything in the pantry. He loved BIG food. Probably watch Will and Grace—he hated it and loved it secretly."

Submitted by jbrobe2


12. You can always watch old home movies to remember him.

"I go and give his ashes a kiss, and cry. Then I try to have a shot of Cuervo in his honor. I like to have my 2-year-old daughter look at photos and videos and we give him a big hug on the TV... I'm still making traditions because its only my third Father's Day without him."

Submitted by Nisha Ann, Facebook

13. Give back to your community.

Wavebreakmedia / Getty Images

"I always try to do an act of service as my father was an excellent example of service. It’s usually something small like giving blood or taking meals to the homeless in the area."

Submitted by katherinen4f7d7e368

14. Celebrate his memory with some of his favorite foods.

"On Father’s Day or the day before we go out to his grave and put peanut butter (and this year, jelly) down. He loved food, especially peanut butter."

Submitted by claireb4ab8b1999

15. Or just completely indulge in all of his favorite things.

"I will be singing his favorite tunes with my siblings! We will be eating his favorite foods and watching his favorite movies! I will honor him and be proud of the man he was, not just on Fathers Day, but everyday. I love you dad. ❤️"

Submitted by brittanycassidy


16. Fire up the grill.

Kesu01 / Getty Images

"Fire up the grill and throw a few steaks on. Drink some beers on the deck, turn on Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett, and have a good time. Nothing reminds me of my dad more and he wouldn’t want it any other way."

Submitted by marykatem40f4126eb

17. Thank your Mom.

"I’ve taken to buying my mom a gift to thank her for giving me such a great dad. I think it helps to focus on gratitude amidst the sadness of his absence."

Submitted by katiekawaii

18. Take a trip you planned together.

"I am honoring him by traveling to Europe: to visit all the historical and beautiful sites we always talked about visiting together. Believing he will be there with me in spirit!"

Submitted by erins46279ec07

19. Go for a family bike ride.

Gbh007 / Getty Images

"[My dad] loved riding his bike on the trail. He asked to have his ashes scattered there, and so my mom and I try to go for a family bike ride on his special trail so we can go visit him and be close. I recently put a cross marker where he is scattered, so I try to make a memorial there for him."

Submitted by elmnt_65


Happy Father's Day to all the dads who are no longer with us. We love you! ❤

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