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The 12 Most Single Things You've Ever Done

Forever alone.

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1. Had a full conversation with your pet.

2. Ate several tubs of ice cream in one sitting.

3. Spent a Friday night on Tinder.

4. Pretended to be talking to someone so the pizza man didn't think you were alone.

Yep, we've all been there.

5. Cried during any Hillary Duff movie.

6. Cried while trying to fold a fitted sheet.

7. Cried while petting a dog.

8. Watched proposal videos for hours on end.

9. Created a significant other via Snapchat.

10. Considered buying the "boyfriend" pillow.

11. Waved at your pet enthusiastically from across the room.

12. Lost an item of food in your bed for a lengthy amount of time.

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