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20 Animals Who Are Better At Selfies Than You


1. This cat.

2. This pug.

3. This fantastic sloth.

4. This sneaky dog.

5. Sloths are the Kim Kardashian's of the animal selfie world.

6. Seriously though.

7. This tech-savvy squirrel.

8. These old friends.

9. This cat who almost nailed it.

10. But these dogs have got it down.

11. The cat who woke up like this.

12. The dogs who are too cute to function.

13. This dog taking his latest Tinder picture.

14. Kangaroos even get in on the action.

15. Don't forget about this Lemure.

16. The after-the-dentist selfie.

17. This dog's mirror selfie is everything.

18. But this cat cooking dinner is a close second.

19. This rabbit practicing his real-life ':P' face.

20. And THIS.

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