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16 Things Only People Who Hate The Beach Understand

United we stand.

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1. The idea of relaxing at the beach sounds appealing.

2. But in reality, it's far from it.

3. You have to leave the house looking like this.

4. And still end up looking like this.

5. Seagulls are no friend to you.

6. You can't escape the crowds.

7. You have sand in crevice's you never knew you had.

8. Hot sand. Like, unbearably hot.



There's no escape.

There's no escape.

11. The weather never cooperates.

12. Stepping on glass when you least expect it.

13. You'd much rather be lying by a pool.

14. Or be at an aquarium.

15. Better yet, in an air conditioned building.

16. The beach isn't for everyone, and that's OK.

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