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14 Things You Learn While Camping

Nature. Nature, everywhere.

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1. Mosquitos will give you the attention you've always wanted.

2. You are physically incapable of "popping a squat".

3. Unbearably hot or freezing cold. There's no in-between.

4. How on earth do you set up a tent?

5. You will go to extreme lengths to find cell reception.

6. There's no stopping the dreaded sunglasses tan.

7. After one day of not showering you'll feel like..

8. You'll realize how strongly you are attached to your mattress.

9. Every time you hear one of these..

You think it's one of these.

10. It gets dark. Like, really dark.

11. There's no escaping the bugs.

12. You could TOTALLY live like this!

13. Nope. No you could not.

14. On second thought, maybe you should just stay inside.

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