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11 Unwritten Rules Of Riding Shotgun

The practice of riding in the front passenger seat of an automobile. Are you up for the challenge?

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1. Don't touch the music unless prompted.

Otherwise you'll suffer the consequences.

2. You will now have to navigate better than Christopher Columbus.

Failure to comply will result in loss of Shotgun privileges.

3. Be aware of surrounding road traffic.

In situations of imminent disaster, the standard warning phrase to blurt out is, “FIERY DEATH!”

4. Come up with car games.

How else are you to keep entertained?

5. Take the wheel in times of need.

6. Organize bathroom breaks.

Before it's too late.

7. Must keep the driver awake during long journeys.

Trying initiating some stimulating conversation.

8. Control the temperature.

Go easy on the air conditioning.

9. Prepare the driver's food.

The Shotgun rider must unwrap the driver’s food so that it can be eaten with minimal driving distraction. In cases of heavy traffic, it might even be necessary to hand feed.

10. Assume texting responsibilities.

We are not about that texting and driving life.


And enjoy the ride!

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