11 Reasons Mama June From “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” Is The Perfect Mom

Shoot, I look beautimous.

1. She’ll never make you wake up early.

TLC / Via giphy.com

2. She knows how to budget.

3. She doesn’t mind if you skip a wash day or two.


4. She’ll teach you about self-confidence.

TLC / Via imgur.com

5. You’ll always feel comfortable around each other.


6. And sometimes she gives some good advice.

TLC / Via giphy.com

7. She has the best Halloween costumes that you can totally borrow.


8. She’ll teach you how to flirt.

TLC / Via gifbooster.com

9. Your family meals are guaranteed to be delicious.


10. Imagine how stress-free your days would be.

TLC / Via giphy.com

11. Let’s face it, you’re printing out the adoption papers as we speak.

TLC / Via giphy.com

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