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    The Bachelor Is Now So Boring He's Getting Dumped As Regularly As An Australian Prime Minister

    "This dude is hemorrhaging dates."

    The Honey Badger got dumped...again. It was news that shocked no one after he took the girls on dates which involved FBI-level interrogation, reverse parking, swords and a box of avocados.

    When you drive around for ages just to find a spot that means you don't have to reverse park #TheBachelorAU

    After Peter the "human lie detector" found Tenille was a little "closed off", she took to crying in the garden again before deciding to leave which robbed us and Bach of a rose ceremony.

    #TheBachelorAU my make up has never looked that beautiful when I cry. Or my crying face. Tv is so unrealistic

    Tenile on her way out of the mansion #bachelorau #TheBachelorAU

    Fans got bored.

    Tonight’s episode. Yawn. #TheBachelorAU

    This dude is hemorrhaging dates #TheBachelorAU

    I’m bored. I regret hating on Brittney 2.0. My queen please forgive me. Come back from the dead and revive the show with one of your weird dances #TheBachelorAU

    But instead of getting upset about yet another walk out, they turned their attention to Osher.

    When @oshergunsberg says “sorry you didn’t receive a Rose” in THAT voice. My daughter, who is a Vet says that’s her “euthanasia talk” voice #TheBachelorAU

    Osher: “ladies, I have a very serious announcement to make. I’ve just had a haircut” #TheBachelorAu

    #TheBachelorAU there's not enough superlatives to describe how dapper @oshergunsberg looks here

    I gotta say @oshergunsberg your hair is looking excellent tonight. 👌#TheBachelorAU

    Speaking of amazing hair: oh my goodness, Osher Gunsberg. #TheBachelorAU

    When you see Oshers beautiful face #TheBachelorAU

    And amused themselves with the show's false pretenses.

    A lot of these women didn’t want to be on the show after they saw the honey badger, but were forced to stay. Now they’re sabotaging themselves to get out. #TheBachelorAU

    And false eyelashes.

    running mascara :( the true tragedy of this boring episode #TheBachelorAU

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