Every Exhausted Student Will Relate To This Girl Crying To Prince Harry

    Procrastinating about exams and overdue 2500-word essays is very tiring.

    Brits may be renowned for keeping a stiff upper lip. However us Aussies tend to, how do I say this delicately, lose our shit from time to time. Like this young lady in Melbourne.

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    Her name is India Brown, a 19-year-old university student, who has "looked up to" Prince Harry since she was 8.

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    "Everything he stands for is amazing. I’ve loved that family since I was eight and I’ve followed them around the world," she told Channel 7.

    India is the second person to get a royal hug during this tour.

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    Harry was worried about "getting into trouble" as close physical contact with the royals is practically illegal during public functions.

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    But because he's a rebel he broke the rules anyway to console his biggest fan.


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