Please Enjoy Anna Wintour Dragging The Australian Prime Minister Over LGBT Rights

    Slamming Margaret Court? For her terrible views on same sex marriage? Groundbreaking.

    Anna Wintour, the (unofficial) inspiration behind The Devil Wears Prada, is visiting Australia for the first time.

    The editor of Vogue, who has been dictating our wardrobes for the past 31 years, is in town right now for the Australian Open as she is a mad tennis fan. The good news is that she thinks our Aussie style is "quite relaxed" and "fun".

    But, like florals for spring, she is absolutely not impressed with our politicians or sporting legends.

    Speaking at a lunch for about 400 people on Thursday, Wintour criticised Prime Minister Scott Morrison for his views on LGBTQ rights calling them "backward in all senses".

    Wintour also weighed in on the controversy surrounding Margaret Court following the Australian tennis great's vocal opposition to same-sex marriage. She then pledged her support to a campaign that is calling for Margaret Court Arena to be renamed.

    It was a bold move for the fashion veteran who is renowned for choosing to ignore and put things "out of Vogue" instead of publicly dragging them. And for that I stan.