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    Look At Meghan Markle Schooling Prince Harry In The Game Of Life And Welly Wanging

    Yeah, I have no idea what that is either.

    Kia ora from New Zealand where it is now officially day number 34,645 of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's tour of the southern hemisphere.

    Hagen Hopkins / Getty Images

    Considering this tour has been going on for longer than "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" — shit is starting to get crazy.

    There were absolute scenes on Tuesday when the royal couple visited Redvale (near Auckland) to see some conservationists at work in the gorgeous forest.

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    It was raining, it was muddy and they loved it.

    Gumboots, or "wellies" as Aussies and Kiwis call them, were required.

    Pool / Getty Images

    As were their competitive spirits, when the loved up couple were split into two teams to play a game of gumboot tossing.

    Pool / Getty Images

    Or welly wanging as we call it down here.

    Despite throwing straight and having a superior technique, Harry was not a great wanger.

    Pool / Getty Images

    But Meghan though, Meghan was the MVP.

    Pool / Getty Images

    She started out confident.

    Pool / Getty Images

    Despite copping a right royal sledging from old mate Harry.

    Pool / Getty Images

    But shook it off better than Taylor Swift and landed her welly a whole metre closer to the target than Harry's.

    Pool / Getty Images

    WATCH: But it was Meghan who won the welly-wanging/gumboot-throwing competition! She was very surprised and delighted!

    As she is too gracious to gloat or rub it in.

    Pool / Getty Images

    She instead, simply and calmly, explained to her husband how to play to win.

    Pool / Getty Images

    Because that's what Meghan Markle does, she wins at work and while wanging.

    Game Show Network

    Take note Harry.

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