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    15 Of The Greatest Hits From Meghan Markle And Prince Harry's Royal Tour

    Totally normal behaviour.

    Attention England, we're sending your favourite royals back to you now after a successful, gaffe-free, 16-day public relations blitz around the Antipodes.

    Pool / Getty Images

    And let me just say, you should be proud of your spare sovereigns. Not only did they have to shake the hand of literally every Australian, Fijian, Tongan and Kiwi but Meghan did it all while PREGNANT.

    So pop the kettle on and turn the volume up on that "Friends Forever" song as here's the highlights reel of their 76-engagement long trip which involved more smizing than the entire run of "America's Next Top Model".

    Hagen Hopkins / Getty Images

    1. Meghan baked banana bread, from scratch, for a visit to a farm outside of Dubbo. The recipe included fresh ginger, chocolate and "too many bananas" according to the duchess.

    Meghan’s banana bread went down well! It has chocolate chips in and a bit of ginger (and I can personally attest to the fact that it is rather nice!) #Dubbo

    2. In Melbourne, home of the AFL, Meghan surprised footy scouts with her impressive handball skills.

    Julian Smith / AFP / Getty Images

    3. These hugs which were felt around the world.

    Our hearts are melting watching the moment a young Dubbo schoolboy dived into the arms of Prince Harry & Meghan. 😍 #RoyalTour #Studio10

    4. Animals, like this bored-looking koala.

    Dean Lewins / AAPIMAGE

    5. This frisky echidna.

    The Duke and Duchess meet Lynx, a short legged echinda. The couple ask if he is drooling because he's stressed, and are told no, he's "excited to see them" #royalvisitaustralia #tarongazoo

    6. Meghan's speeches, that focused on things like women's education and suffrage.

    Pool / Getty Images

    7. Meghan's other speech.

    8. Harry's face when they received their first baby gift which was a pair of Ugg boots from Australia's governor general.

    Phil Noble / AP

    9. This baby's t-shirt, which the couple lost their minds over.

    Jenna Clarke

    10. These kids.

    Peter Parks / AAPIMAGE

    11. This kid.

    Pool / Getty Images

    12. This other kid.

    Pool / Getty Images

    13. The New Zealand prime minister who was being that friend who puts up her Christmas tree in October.

    Pool / Getty Images

    Here is Jacinda Ardern offering the couple a festive ornament during a walk-about in Auckland.

    14. Meghan kicking Harry's arse in a gumboot throwing competition known as "welly wanging".

    Pool / Getty Images

    15. And finally, their PDA. These two did not stop flaunting their love and I was not mad or grossed out once.

    Peter Parks / AFP / Getty Images

    Bye! Miss you already!

    Rick Rycroft / AFP / Getty Images

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