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A Lot Of People Wagged School And Bragged About It To Meghan Markle And Prince Harry

Truancy has been an overarching theme of their trip so far.

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The royal tour express has today pulled into Melbourne. Home of great sporting events and even greater coffee. It also has a population of creative types who showed off their skills with these attention seeking signs.

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And it worked. For the thousands who turned out to see the couple at Government House, Meghan, in a dress by Aussie designer Dion Lee and trench by Martin Grant, was sweeter than Stevia.

Gorgeous Mable had a great chat to the Duchess of Sussex as she walked towards Government House. She gave Meghan a hand knitted trauma bear for the royal baby #7newsmelb #RoyalTourAustralia

Others were just glad to be skiving off school to catch a glimpse of the royals.

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Some meant business and were more direct in their approach.


But just like holding public holidays for sporting events, skipping school is something Melburnians have also been doing for generations.

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They also don't mind waking up really, really early to greet visitors to their great city.


Especially those who embrace God's game — AFL — like Meghan did.

Meeting some of the women involved in @ThisGirlCanVIC - and a quick throw🏉

Sign her up for the 2020 AFLW season immediately.

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