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    Posted on 8 Sep 2018

    Here’s Why Buddy Franklin Is The Best Damn Thing About Aussie Sport RN

    Proof that he is capable of much more than just being really ridiculously good looking.

    As AFL games are a bit tl;dr for newbies to God's game, here's all you need to know about this weekend's matches: Lance “Buddy” Franklin.

    Now, Buddy is great. Really great. He's considered one of, if not THE, best indigenous AFL player of all time and has been a trailblazer regarding the mental health of athletes after taking a long break from the game a few years ago.

    He's also married to the ridiculously talented Jesinta Franklin, his "rock" and a former Miss Universe Australia.

    The couple are activists for social issues like marriage equality and indigenous literacy.

    And also plan to dedicate 100 per cent of their time to charity when they retire from footy and modelling.

    And Buddy, at 31, has had a bloody good season, including being named captain of the All Australian side, a team which he's been selected for eight times now.

    He's kicked 917 goals during his career and this year moved up the top 10 all-time goal-kickers list.

    He's also just launched his own Yeezy-inspired merch which is selling like Macca's Hot Cakes after Mad Monday.

    Love your work Bud.

    Still mates. Luke Hodge kiss for Buddy Franklin at 2014 #AFLGF follow the action at

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