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Top 10 TV Characters That Peaked In High School

They might have ruled the school, but these characters weren't exactly Nobel Prize winners in the making. Though we still love (most) of them.

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2. Dan Scott of One Tree Hill / Via

He was a basketball star and got two bitches pregnant within months of graduating. Then abandoned his son, murdered his brother, and spent the tail end of the show trying to redeem himself. His wife tried to burn him alive. 'Nuff said.

4. Tim Riggins of Friday Night Lights / Via

Such brood, much attractive. Very waste of potential.

Riggins, we'll forgive you for going to jail and dropping out of college...but you'll never rule Dillon like you did when you were a Panther. Texas Forever.

9. Abby Morgan from Dawson's Creek / Via

Ok, so it's a little mean to put Abby on this list since she you know, drowned...but Abby's biggest purpose was to create drama, be really mean, and mess around with Jen, and no one really liked her until they were sad she was gone. Poor Abby...

10. Haley Dunphy of Modern Family / Via

Cute boyfriend, popular, always cute "even in her mugshots". Awesome family behind her. Aaaand then she gets to college and gets kicked out for underage drinking and battery. Haaaley, come on.

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