Times We Really Loved Burke On Grey’s Anatomy

Though Isaiah Washington caused some bad drama, we really did love his character. And he’s a comin’ back (see in this Variety article). Get ready Seattle Grace.

1. The time he went camping with the boys and they were the best of friends

Look at them FISHING together, isn’t that precious

2. That time he gave Cristina coffee out of nowhere at it was really cute

ABC / Via tumblr.com


3. Those times he had dedication to surgery and teaching

He was damn good at what he did. I mean, can YOU do open heart surgery? Or put a cow valve in someone’s freakin’ heart?

4. That time he found a rapist’s penis and didn’t know what it was

ABC / Via tumblr.com

His face. priceless.

5. That time he was taking No Funny Business from Meredith and Cristina

ABC / Via tumblr.com

6. The time Bailey had this fantasy and it was weirdly hot

ABC / Via tumblr.com

aw shit.

7. The time he held Cristina after her miscarriage

ABC / Via tumblr.com

8. The time he gave Cristina a key to his apartment

ABC / Via tumblr.com

commitment is a key. are we feeling existential this morning?

9. This time he was talking about being a heart man and we melted

rehearsing your wedding vows during surgery…so clutch

10. That time he danced with Cristina and it was awesome

this might be the best moment.

11. That time he declared his love for Cristina

after calling her an angry slob who’s competitive and stubborn and challenging and OH WAIT HE LOVES HER ANYWAY

12. This time that he was deeply invested in Cristina’s life

much deep, very thoughtful

13. That time he got shot but recovered his hand and went back to surgery


14. The time he operated on a turkey with Izzie


15. This time he was gonna kill a bitch if she stole his doner heart

Can’t touch this, daaa na na na

16. All the times he was just really attractive.

17. NOT the time he left Cristina at the altar.

Unfortunately for Burke’s character, this move kinda killed all the other good times he had.
But did you ever think that this end was probably just because of Isaiah Washington’s homophobic slurs, getting fired, and having to cut him out of the show?
Maybe if that hadn’t happened, the entire show would be very different…then again, maybe not, Shonda loves to watch ‘em suffer.

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