The Top 10 Weird Cute Animals To Become Obsessed With Immediately

because puppies and kittens are sooo 2013.

1. Baby Anteaters

Cotswold Wildlife Park / Via

This is a baby giant anteater born in The Cotswold Wildlife Park in the UK clinging to mama anteater, Zeta. Anteaters have no teeth, just tongues.
Look at its cute little eyes and snout and oh gawd IT’S SO FLUFFY.

2. Baby Sloths

Animal Planet / Via

How could you call one of these adorable lil’ guys a deadly sin? Maybe for being TOO CUTE.
Google “bucket of sloths”. I dare you.

3. Lemurs! (Read, Zaboomafoo)

Ray Meibaum of Saint Louis Zoo / Via

An endangered Safiki lemur baby peeks out ADORABLY from mama’s lap at the Saint Louis Zoo. I already have the Zaboomafoo theme song in my head, where are the Craft brothers?!

4. Meerkats (kind of like cats?)

Timon would be proud of his real world counterparts. Britain’s favorite animal will stand up and look around for predators in this impossibly cute pose. CARTOONS LIVE.

5. Tree Kangaroos!

Saint Louis Zoo / Via

What is this adorable creature that looks like Pooh Bear and a red panda combined?! They’re currently endangered because of humans encroaching on their habitats. SUPPORT THEIR CUTENESS, FAST.

6. Capybaras!

Though the costume isn’t included, capybaras are highly cute, highly social creatures. They’re the largest rodent out there, but we think they’re pretty damn precious.


Okay so goats aren’t necessarily that weird, but they’re not usually lumped in with all the trendy cute animals. They SHOULD BE. I mean, fainting goats. Come on. Go see.

8. Baby Polar Bears

Baby polar bears are my shit. They may grow up to be vicious and murderous and like a million times bigger than me, but the babies…COME AT ME

9. Red Crested Tree Rat

Soo only three have been spotted since they were discovered...super RARE/weird/adorable. Winning combo.

10. Platypus!

Because who isn’t in LOVE with Perry?

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