The Editors Of Lucky Magazine And Warby Parker Had A Glorious Ping Pong Tournament

can you imagine something more fab?

Eva Chen, the fabulous Editor-in-Chief of Lucky Magazine, sent this tweet yesterday afternoon:

Chen, the former Johns Hopkins pre-med student, has made a big name for herself in the fashion and editorial worlds…which are very different than the medical world. Props. She and the ladies( and gentlemen?) of Lucky took on the dapper men of Warby Parker, an up-and-coming eyewear company that sells frames directly to consumers for less. Eva Chen / Via Twitter: @evachen212

Aaaand their ads look something like this:

hey girl… Warby Parker / Via

Aaand their founders look pretty much exactly like their ads…

Can I have me some glasses? (okay I actually do wear glasses but I’d wear them anyway for these fellas) Mack Institute Upenn / Via

Aaand Eva Chen always looks like this:

aka effortlessly stylish and wonderful and adorable Wayne Tippets 2014 / Via

How we might imagine their glorious pong table to look:

Ted Wight Designs / Via

And their game probably looked something like this:

beautiful and fashionable, even in sport. / Via

And they wore these fab jerseys.

I want one… Eva Chen, Twit pic / Via

Meanwhile us college students are all like: / Via

Or probably more like this:

we took the paddles out of this classy game long ago / Via

And as the night goes on, probably like this:

this cat has the right idea / Via

Though we imagine we look a bit like this:

A medieval death match of pong games / Via

While we imagine the fashion elites with something like this:

Though they’re probably playing some pong on old tables, just like us. We can dream. / Via

Unfortunately for the Lucky Ladies, they got trounced…

It was a victory for the Warby Parker gentlemen, in the end. At least in pong. Eva Chen / Via

Aaand then they all dashed off to the Fashion 2.0 Awards where everyone won.

Eva Chen received the Digital Navigator Award and Warby Parker men took home the Fashion 2.0 Visionary Award. And to think, they pre gamed it with a simple game of ping pong. What place could be more fun to work? Style Coalition/Ken Arcara / Via

Speaking of Eva Chen’s awesomeness on Twitter….

I swear, I’d be able to help a sister out. I mean, ping pong and donut hole skills? Who would not want to work for Lucky at this point. Eva Chen / Via Twitter

And if you weren’t convinced yet:

Just overwhelmed. A GoT egg-hunt too in the pages of Lucky?! I rest my case. Eva Chen / Via Twitter

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