Concrete Evidence Grumpy Cat Now Thinks He’s A Human Celebrity

Grumpy cat was always born to be famous, but now he actually thinks he’s Madonna. He’s been popping up at magazine and red carpets all over the place.

1. Exhibit 1: Grumpy Cat visited Vogue and it was “awful”

Vogue Magazine / Via Instagram

Goddamn these fashionable ladies in their size 0’s giving me a Cake Boss cake and singing me happy birthday, who do they think they are, my best friends?!

Vogue Magazine / Via Instagram

They tried to turn my frown upside down. Fat chance, ladies! Though I do strike a sexy pose.

3. Exhibit 2: Grumpy Cat now actually thinks he’s Pharrell.

National Post, Frederick J Brown, Getty Images / Via National Post

I’m dominating the red carpet with my own mini Pharell hat. Didn’t see me crying with Oprah.

MTV Movie Awards / Via

I got some bitches, doe.

MTV Movie Awards / Via

I got better seats than Nick Lachey. Then promptly ignored the show and slept instead, because divas get to do that.

I was clearly really interested in this reporter lady with her pink suit thing. Ok, enough with MTV Music Awards, clearly I won all the awards.

7. Exhibit 3: He got interviewed remotely by some Australian dude on TV.

Who even IS this guy and why is he laughing, isn’t it too early for this?

8. Exhibit 4: He was jealous of this now epic Oscars selfie and photoshopped himself in.

ABC News / Via

I’m clearly more important than this Bradley Cooper person you’re talking about, I mean, I already got Nick Lachey’s seats didn’t I?

9. Exhibit 5: He has his own freakin’ Hollywood Star.

Grumpy Cat Instagram / Via

Of course I hated it, this is filthy. Pick me up off the floor, will ya?

I actually have my own movie coming out soon. We filmed it in ten minutes, and it was awful.

11. Exhibit 6: He hosted the Today show.

Today Show / Via

Please, Anderson Cooper, you know who the real host is. Back off, let it go easy.

13. Exhibit 7: He Doesn’t even Like Friskies. Shhhh.

Why are there so many cats here. These Friskies taste like shit. Okay maybe they’re alright, but Tuna and Starbucks coffee cake is much better—I told these random people so. Why did I talk to them again?

I’m not ready for my close-up.

15. Exhibit 8: Grumpy Cat literally wrote a book and made it to the Times bestseller list. I give up.

Grumpy cat is more successful at being human than me.

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