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21 Ways To Celebrate Ice Cream On The Anniversary Of Ben And Jerry's

It's free cone day. But we all know you'll go for the pint.

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Now that you know, here is a comprehensive listing of all the brilliant and absolutely necessary ways to celebrate the birth of these ice cream gods.

If you are not full of creamy goodness by midnight, shame on you.

3. If you can only find one Ben and Jerry's establishment, try out the good ol' disguise trick.

Ruth Soukup / Via

Kids at Halloween have perfected this art. I'd go for Harriet the Spy- so sneaky. They definitely won't realize you're the same person asking for more ice cream 20 minutes later. Okay five minutes.

4. Mourn that bastard ex-boyfriend with the most ancient of cures:mounds of ice cream.

Jessica Booth / Via

No man's sexy abs can compare to the little fudgey fishes in Phish Food...NO ABS JUST ICE CREAM

13. Find that weird friend who doesn't like ice cream and get them to give their free cone to you

Step Brothers / Via

You'll promise to never make fun of them and their weird alien "not liking ice cream" thing ever again

16. Use your friend's van and create a make-shift ice cream truck with your friends' free cones


beware of cops thinking you're a child rapist and Ben and Jerry's being pissed off. Otherwise, solid idea.

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