21 Ways To Celebrate Ice Cream On The Anniversary Of Ben And Jerry’s

It’s free cone day. But we all know you’ll go for the pint.

1. Ben and Jerry’s, the home of delicious “pint-sized” likely crack-infused ice cream flavors, is celebrating its birthday!

And you’re invited to have a free cone!

2. So what are you gonna do with all this power?!

3. Now that you know, here is a comprehensive listing of all the brilliant and absolutely necessary ways to celebrate the birth of these ice cream gods.

If you are not full of creamy goodness by midnight, shame on you.

4. 1. Find every participating Ben and Jerry’s store within a 50 mile radius and go on a scavenger hunt

Supermarket sweep that shit. Find ALL THE ICECREAM

5. 2. And screw that extra cone shit; be more efficient and layer up.

scoops on scoops on scoops

6. 3. If you can only find one Ben and Jerry’s establishment, try out the good ol’ disguise trick.

Ruth Soukup / Via livingwellspendingless.com

Kids at Halloween have perfected this art. I’d go for Harriet the Spy- so sneaky. They definitely won’t realize you’re the same person asking for more ice cream 20 minutes later. Okay five minutes.

7. 4. Mourn that bastard ex-boyfriend with the most ancient of cures:mounds of ice cream.

Jessica Booth / Via gurl.com

No man’s sexy abs can compare to the little fudgey fishes in Phish Food…NO ABS JUST ICE CREAM

8. 5. Or that ex-girlfriend.

Men can love Ben and Jerry too. Bro love is embraced. You eat that ice cream, Robert.

9. 6. Embrace ice cream as your new lover and soulmate and make Ben and Jerry’s birthday your official anniversary

10. 7. Release the sexual tension with your new ice cream lover

OW OW. This might “backfire” and get you an actual lover. DON’T CHEAT ON ICE CREAM

11. 8. Purposefully use ice cream to attract a new mate

Gossip Girls

Ice cream understand that it’s sexy. It’ll be your wingman.

12. 9. And if that backfires, take out your aggression on a heaping serving of Cherry Garcia.

Except remember, ice cream has feelings too. Mostly your feelings.

13. 10. And scare the neighbors in the process


14. 11. Create a shrine to ice cream

Nickelodeon / Via blogger.com

and its free delicious glory

15. 12. Host an ice cream social outside the doors of Ben and Jerry’s with all your closest friends

What actually is an ice cream social?

16. 13. Find that weird friend who doesn’t like ice cream and get them to give their free cone to you

Step Brothers / Via tumblr.com

You’ll promise to never make fun of them and their weird alien “not liking ice cream” thing ever again

17. 14. Gather your friends and build your own version of Candy Land

Hopefully you have a lot of friends and Ben and Jerry’s has a lot of samples

18. 15. Or Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs Ice cream snow day

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs / Via imgur.com

god what an underrated fantastic movie

19. 16. Use your friend’s van and create a make-shift ice cream truck with your friends’ free cones


beware of cops thinking you’re a child rapist and Ben and Jerry’s being pissed off. Otherwise, solid idea.

20. 17. Try that coning prank everyone was so wild about

I tried it, I’m a cool kid

21. 18. Have an ice cream photo shoot


22. 19. Audition for Epic Meal Time by adding your free ice cream to all the other junk food in your cabinet

Epic Mealtime / Via tumblr.com

Get creative.

24. 20. Host an eating contest with your friends- fastest to finish the cone wins

ABC Grey’s Anatomy / Via tumblr.com

Think of the fantastic potential Vine material here

25. 21. Take a few selfies in honor of the occasion

cuz, ice cream selfies are the best selfies

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