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Moon Reveals All About Taylor Swift Beef In Shocking Interview

Mess with Katy. Mess with Joe. Don't mess with the moon.

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Moon Reveals All About Taylor Swift Beef In Shocking Interview

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INTERVIEWER: Today was supposed to be a pretty big day for you, right?

MOON: I mean, yeah. When it came to my comeback, my manager told me to shoot for the moon. Lucky for me, I am the moon. We had media buys, televised events, Facebook Live streaming. Hell, we even got NASA on board as a brand influencer. When it came to those eclipse glasses, NASA really killed it. The demand for moon merch was off the charts. People were even saying the eclipse glasses were more difficult to obtain than Yeezys.

INTERVIEWER: Right. So (understandably, of course) you’re bitter. I sense a little dig in that last statement with the Kanye mention.

MOON: Yeah, I don’t mean to sound petty, but Taylor Swift has been angry about that whole MTV/Kanye debacle for way too long now. I guess she thought since he upstaged her, the only way to find solace was to upstage someone else. Unfortunately, that someone else was me. I just find the whole thing shady. Pun intended.

INTERVIEWER: So, you’re thinking the whole cryptic social media postings from Taylor were intended to dull your shine?

MOON: I mean, let’s not get all technical here, but I don’t shine. I only reflect.

INTERVIEWER: Our mistake.

MOON: It happens. She’s trying to promote her new music. That’s cool. Just don’t do it on my day.

INTERVIEWER: If Taylor were sitting here in this room, right now, what would you say to her?

MOON: Like, leave my day alone. Go pick a fight with Katy Perry again, or you’ll get a taste of the Bad Blood Moon.

INTERVIEWER: You want us to scrap that last statement? It reflects poorly on you – not a good insult.

MOON: Good, glad you now understand the whole reflection thing.

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