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Posted on 23 Dec 2015

21 Times Aussie Men Made You So Damn Thirsty In 2015

From the nation that brought you the Hemsworths...

1. When Chris Hemsworth let it all hang out in Vacation and you didn't even care that it wasn't ~real~.

New Line Cinema
New Line Cinema

2. And his brother Liam was so beautiful in The Dressmaker it hurt.

Universal Pictures Australia

3. When you thought The Fosters' Jordan Rodrigues couldn't possibly be any more perfect and then he brought out his GUITAR.

4. When former football player and model Casey Conway spent a lot of time in swimmers and it was perfect.

5. When Marco Polo's Remy Hii uploaded this stunning shot... and the scenery was OK too.

6. When Firass Dirani was all "sun's out, guns out" and you were here for it.

7. When you just wanted to bury yourself in Jai Courtney's beard.

8. When Lincoln Younes suited up and unleashed the smoulder.

9. And Jackson Gallagher made you want to ride his... bike.

10. When Buddy Franklin was definitive proof that AFL is one of the hottest sports on the planet.

Michael Dodge / Getty Images

11. And Israel Folau made you want to watch rugby.

12. Every time Bob Morley got shirtless on The 100.

13. When Luke Arnold was the hottest John Silver and you wanted him to plunder your booty.

14. When model Jarrod Scott got all Baywatch and it was almost worth getting caught in a rip.

15. When Alex O'Loughlin looked so pretty just standing there.

16. When Insurgent's Keiynan Lonsdale was peak Coachella and you were into it.

17. When actor Chris Pang made you want to dive right in.

18. When Jessica Jones' Eka Darville was in Interview looking fiiiiine.

19. When the Stenmark twins took this mirror selfie and you literally couldn't get enough.

20. When you just wanted to snuggle with Hugh Jackman and his puppy.

21. And most of all when Jonathan Thurston celebrated winning the NRL Grand Final with his daughter and both your heart AND your ovaries burst with the adorableness of it all.

Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

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