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"Game Of Thrones" According To People Who Have Never Watched It

"WTF is this show?"

BuzzFeed staff from around the world who have never seen Game of Thrones were asked to explain some photos and answer questions about the show. Here's what happened...

1. What is Game of Thrones about?

2. What does "winter is coming" mean?

Jemima (Australia): It is nearing the end of autumn?

Tania (Australia): Something with Jon Snow? I saw a meme.

Maggy (UK): You're not supposed to know, I think. That's why people keep saying: "You know nothing, Jon Snow." He keeps guessing when winter is about to arrive but he keeps getting it wrong. Poor Jon.


Alex A (US): Bad things will happen, like maybe the crow from the billboards will come and eat people.

Adam (US):
Elsa the ice princess is coming. Whatever that white blonde woman is. The townsfolk are either preparing for battle or scrubbing the castle for her arrival, unsure.

Anna K (US): I might be overthinking it, but is that someone's name? Or do they literally mean the seasons are changing?

Michael (US):
"Winter is coming" means that the Frost King is about to masturbate and spew his seed all over the town of Westeros.

3. Can you name three Game of Thrones families?

Stephanie A (Australia): The Starks, the Lannisters, and the Snows? The Starks are, like, that guy who's dead now, and Sansa and Arya, who I guess are his daughters (sad for them: RIP Papa Stark). Arya's a little badass, and people think Sansa is weak but my friend Alison says she's not and I trust her. The Lannisters fuck each other. Jon Snow is dead now and he was a dum-dum.

Maggy (UK): The Woodchips – they're, like, the working-class family, known for their alcoholism and swearing. The Kanyewesteros – they're fame-hungry but talented and good at seducing people. The Boobmagalooms – they're these boob-shaped monsters who destroy everyone in their path.

Chris (UK): Er, Lannister and...Slytherin? Ravenclaw?

Nirali (India): The Lannisters – I think they're the main family. Are they royal? I think so. The Snows – they know nothing. The Khaleesis – they are heavily featured on Tumblr and Instagram usernames.

Nina (US): There is Fur Man's family and they are very into fur. There is Peter Dinklage's family and he runs this shit. There is Natalie Dormer's family and they all have her side-smirk, which other people are offended by.

Julia (US): The Montagues. The Capulets. The Kardashians.

Rachel (US): Literally what?

Adam (US): I didn't even know there were families. Goddammit, this is some Harry Potter business.

Elena (US): The Game family, they started the game. The Of family, they're like Sweden, they're neutral. The Thrones family, they are the keepers of the thrones.

4. Who is currently the ruler of Westeros?

5. Who is this guy?

6. What do you know about this guy?

7. Who are these people and what are their current fates?

8. What is this character's journey?

9. How do people feel about this guy?

10. How do people feel about this guy?

11. What's the relationship between these two? What was he talking about when he said "the things I do for love"?

12. What's the relationship between these two?

13. What's the deal with these two?

14. Who or what are the Hound and the Mountain?

Tania (Australia): Sounds like a hipster band.

Jemima (Australia): A huge giant named Mountain who is a kind and misunderstood soul. His dog, Hound, is a chihuahua, and they look really stupid together.

Maggy (UK): "The Hound and the Mountain" is a folk song that Bruno Mars is going to cover one day.

Paul (UK): Local pub.

Adam (US): That seems like an anecdote? Maybe it's referenced in the show a lot?

Augusta (US):
The sequel to The Fox and the Hound. (It got weird.)

Candace (US): Some pre-motorcycle gang where men ride wolf-dino hybrids and do magical stuff in the mountains.

Elena (US): Well, one's a dog and one is part of the land. Basic vocabulary, guys.

Alex A (US):
Two sex positions that are challenging, yet invigorating.

15. What is the Red Wedding?

16. What is happening here?

17. What is happening here?

18. What's going on here?

19. What's happening here?

20. Any final thoughts?

21. Hodor?