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When Her Wedding Cake Didn't Show Up, This Bride's Friends Saved The Day

With a little help from a supermarket cake.

This is Jade Neil, a beauty salon owner from Townsville, Queensland.

She recently posted on the Woolworths Facebook page about how she used Woolies mud cake – that humble staple of many Australian birthday parties – as her wedding cake.

Facebook: woolworths

Jade, who got married to her partner Rohan last year, had originally ordered a $500 three-tier wedding cake from a local business, only to discover it hadn't arrived on her wedding day.

What Jade didn’t know was that her sister-in-law Candice and family friend May had found out about the cake debacle, and rushed to Woolies to get some mud cakes and ready-made icing.

In between their entrées and main courses, the pair decorated the cake using fresh flowers and some hessian from the table settings.

Jade said she was amazed by what they had done.

"They did amazing. I love Woolies mud cake, but what Aussie doesn't?" Jade said. "There were hardly any leftovers."

After she posted her story to the Woolies Facebook page, the supermarket responded by offering Jade a "small wedding gift".

And other people began sharing their own jacked-up Woolies mud cakes in the comments.

As for Jade, she said she's been "blown away" by the response to her story.