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    I'm Obsessed With This Supercut Of Peter Kavinsky's "Woah Woah Woahs"

    "Woah woah woah, hey hey hey." —Peter Kavinsky, 2018.

    Hello, I'm here today to talk about the one (1) worthy man in the world right now*: Peter Kavinsky from To All The Boys I've Loved Before.


    *Let's ignore the fact he's fictional, okay?

    More specifically, his "woah woah woahs".

    Because this is basically me every time Peter K says "woah woah woah":

    And I'm clearly not the only person who is obsessed. Twitter user @Covinksy recently uploaded this super-cut of every time Peter K says "woah woah woah", and it's glorious.

    It includes the time Lara Jean faints.

    Netflix / Via

    And Peter K and Lara Jean's love letter discussion in the Corner Cafe.

    Netflix / Via

    Then there's the hot tub aftermath.

    Netflix / Via


    Netflix / Via

    Not to mention those ending woahs...

    Netflix / Via

    Peter K, the "woah woah woah" king.

    Netflix / Via

    We have decided to stan forever.



    The creator of this video is Twitter user @Covinsky. An earlier version of this post miscredited it.

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