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    19 Things We Learned From Chris Hemsworth's Twitter Q&A

    He isn't Team Gale, for one.

    Earlier today, Chris Hemsworth held a Q&A session on Twitter to promote his new film In the Heart of the Sea.

    Hey @People! Ready to answer everyone's questions. #AskChrisHemsworth #IntheHeartoftheSea

    His answers were pretty adorable....

    1. He's Team Peeta.

    Lions Gat

    Sorry Liam.

    2. Losing a lot of weight was the most challenging aspect of working on In the Heart of the Sea.

    3. His favourite ninja turtle is Donatello.

    4. His brother Luke was the one who definitely got him into acting.

    Getty mages

    5. He'd love to work with Liam one day.

    Getty Images

    6. His mum is undoubtedly the best Hemsworth.

    Zak Kaczmarek / Getty Images

    She #blessed the world tbh.

    7. His favourite dance move is the worm.


    8. He loves ham at Christmas.

    9. Comedy is harder than drama.

    New Line

    10. He thinks Robert Downey Jr is a legend.

    NBC / Getty Images

    11. He wants the power to time travel.


    But he'd rather travel to the future than the past.

    12. He loves Peaky Blinders.


    13. And Mighty Mouse.


    14. He's gone all American in his coffee tastes.

    "What even is half and half?" - Australians.

    15. He miiiiiight be a big Evanescence fan.

    16. But actually he loves Van Morrison.

    17. If he wasn't an actor, he'd be a zookeeper.

    18. He'd love to play a Disney villain.

    19. And The Never-Ending Story is his favourite movie of all time.

    Warner Bros

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