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24 Canteen Foods Every Australian '90s Kid Had In Primary School

"What can I get for 10 cents?"

1. Pizza Roundas

2. Sausage Rolls

Flickr: umami88

You didn't know what they were made of and you didn't care.

3. Carob Buds

4. Jupiter Bars

5. Sesame Snaps

6. Apricot Balls

7. Nutella Snacks

Mark H. Anbinder / Via

Literally just a small pack of Nutella you ate with piece of plastic, setting you up for a lifetime addiction.

8. Popcorn

Pascaluehli / Getty Images

It came in clear plastic bags and was oh so satisfying.

9. Meat Pies

10. And Shepherd's Pies

11. Arrowroot Biscuits

12. Pikelets

13. Ovalteenies

14. Mamee Noodles

15. Frozen Juice Cups

You had to use your spoon as a mini-ice pick.

16. Zooper Doopers

17. Sunny Boys

So refreshing on a hot day.

18. Ghost Drops

19. Moove

Responsible for your daily calcium intake.

20. Jelly Cups

21. Mini Pizzas

And they had to be ham and pineapple.

22. Eucalyptus Drops

23. Fizzers

24. And Paddle Pops

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