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24 Canteen Foods Every Australian '90s Kid Had In Primary School

"What can I get for 10 cents?"

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1. Pizza Roundas

Heaven in a plastic packet.

3. Carob Buds

You were just a dumb kid and thought you were actually eating chocolate.

4. Jupiter Bars

Chewy caramel goodness.


5. Sesame Snaps

A "healthy" snack choice.

6. Apricot Balls

Also "healthy".


9. Meat Pies

Can't go wrong.

10. And Shepherd's Pies

Some people ate the potato off the top first because they were gross.

11. Arrowroot Biscuits

With butter. Or icing if your school was extra fancy.

12. Pikelets

Also with butter. For some reason you thought this was healthy?


13. Ovalteenies

Not that great in hindsight but so good at the time.

14. Mamee Noodles

Coz this was a snack, apparently?

16. Zooper Doopers

If a full one was too much (you were such an amateur!), you could always get half for 10c.


18. Ghost Drops

The best part was ending up with a coloured tongue. And the ridiculous faces you and your friends pulled trying to eat the really sour ones.

20. Jelly Cups

Jelly shots for kids.


22. Eucalyptus Drops

Especially good when you had the ~sniffles~.

23. Fizzers

Preferably in pink or green.

24. And Paddle Pops

Or, if you were unlucky, Billabongs.