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This Is What Happened When We Showed Non-Australians Photos Of Aussie Stuff

"How do you people live in these conditions?!"

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BuzzFeed Australia sent 15 uncaptioned photos of Australian things to our international offices and asked them to write down their immediate thoughts. This is what happened:

1. Sydney Harbour during a thunderstorm.

Twitter: @MrBlackSpirits

Paul (UK): Probably a more honest tourism photo than the sunny ones.

Katie (US): This looks like one of those fake viral images that goes around Twitter when a storm is coming.

Rosa (US): I know I should feel concerned for the people of the harbour, but honestly, I'd love to be in the heart of that storm.

Francis (UK): The four horsemen of the apocalypse are about to gallop above Sydney Harbour. Tell your families you love them.

Juliana (Brazil): WOW! It's a wave in the sky!

Hilary (UK): Wait, what is that? Is that...bad weather? Surely not. You don't have that there — I've certainly never seen any in Neighbours.

Karima (India): Beauty. Ekdam kadak. (Mumbai expression for "perfect".)

Lena (Germany):

2. Coredor, a character in the '90s kids show Plasmo.

Laura (UK): Well this guy isn't pleased about having a vagina on his face.

Paul (UK): This survey went from zero to weird in literally no time at all.

Karima (India): It looks like it's having sex with itself. What is this. Why is this. Is this from a children's show?!

Lena (Germany): Whaaaaat is this? And why is it wearing an apron?!

Rosa (US): I'm sure this is some beloved children's show...but vagina, vagina, vagina.

Adam (US): This is what happens when Satan learns claymation.

Alex (US): It's natural! There's no shame in exploring your body.

Jessica (US): Is this a vagina monster? WTF?!?

Francis (UK): WT ACTUAL FUCKING F IS THIS? What is this abomination doing to its terrifying face labia? Why does it even have a terrifying face labia? Why is it wearing an apron? Is this from a kids show? You people are monsters.

3. A snake coming through the ceiling light in the bathroom.

Susie (US): Australia, we have to talk.

Karima (India): Voldemort was Australian.

Amna (UK): Reasons I am never visiting you guys.

Laura (UK): I am truly thankful that English animals are too pathetic to kill you. Australia is terrifying.

Francis (UK): GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM THAT SHOWER! How do you people live in these conditions?

Alex (US): Not today, Satan.

Katie (US): NOPE.

Rosa (US): Absofuckinglutelynot.

Juliana (Brazil):

Paul (UK): Sweet, free snek. Come here, snek.


4. Fairy bread.

Flickr: slushpup

Adam (US): Are those sprinkles? Sprinkles on bread? If so, yes please.

Francis (UK): Now this looks delicious. Why wait for ice cream to have sprinkles when you can just smear them on stale sliced bread?

Lena (Germany): It looks a bit like something Dutch people eat as well. And like it's going to give me a major toothache.

Hilary (UK): Is this...sugar on toast? Aha. This explains why Australia has a similar obesity rate to Glasgow despite the fact you actually do exercise because it isn't raining all the time.

Laura (UK): Don't worry, Australia, one day you'll be allowed proper pop tarts too.

Juliana (Brazil): Wasn't this supposed to go on the top of a cake?

Candice (US): This looks like something someone would make while stoned. DELICIOUS.

Katie (US): I'm assuming these are some sort of sprinkles on toast? In which case... I think that's kind of OK? I'd try that (although it's probably only for kids?).

Rosa (US): I think this is fairy toast? I forgot they did this in Australia. I learned about the Dutch doing it with chocolate. Sprinkles do photograph better.

Susie (US): It looks like a cupcake crossed with a slice of white bread. Would eat.

5. AFL (aka Aussie Rules football).

Daniel Carson / Getty Images

Paul (UK): Sports tower. Used to channel sports energy.

Amna (UK):
Is he jumping (that's way high!) or are they lifting him? Also, THIGHS!

Lena (Germany):
What sport is this? Why are these men's shorts so short? And what are they actually looking at? The Armageddon from the first picture?

Alex (US): I feel good about this image. I would look at this multiple times.

Candice (US): That guy at the very top should compete in the men's high jump at the Olympics.

Rosa (US): Rugby??? I love the casual uniforms, but don't understand the varying sock heights. Is the guy on the right just a baller who doesn't need no stinking shin guards?

Susie (US): Is this the mythical Aussie Rules football?

Katie (US): Is he ON their shoulders or is that just a really insane vertical leap? What kind of sport lets you climb on someone's shoulders? Like when you chicken fight in the pool?

6. The Big Merino.

Flickr: corrieb

Karima (India): Is this the sheep equivalent of the Sphinx?

Lena (Germany):
So this is what Australian animals look like?

Amna (UK): Seems legit. I'mma name him Cassius.

Laura (UK): The sheep with a thousand bollocks.

Francis (UK): This sheep embodies the feelings of an entire generation of millennials. Same, sheep. Same.

Alex (US): I think y'all are overfeeding your sheep.

Katie (US): Burn down Mount Rushmore and replace it with this, please. I'm all for this.

Jessica (US): Is that a ram version of Jabba the Hutt?

Susie (US): New Zealand?

7. Wave Rock. / Creative Commons

Katie (US): What the hell kind of natural event makes this happen?

Hilary (UK): Wow, Australia: a country so dry that even your waves are made of dust.

Laura (UK): This is where the kids from Heartbreak High go to smoke weed.

Susie (US): Natural skate park formation?

Francis (UK): I guess some Aussies got tired of moving from city to city in search of the perfect wave, so they just built a statue of one.

Juliana (Brazil): Bring your skates!

Karima (India): I want my hair to have these shades of highlights.

Jessica (US): Seems like a good background for a selfie.


8. Bunnings sausage sizzle.

Lena (Germany): Is this a hot dog? But why did they put it between a piece of sandwich toast? (Also, the mustard looks nice). (I hope it's mustard.)

Paul (UK): Car park hot dog. A staple of DIYers everywhere here.

Hilary (UK): At first I was like, cool, no big deal, just a hot dog. Then I saw that it was served on cheap, plain sliced white bread. WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU ARE YOU ANIMALS?

Laura (UK): Is that a hot dog in a slice of bread? Do Australians know how to do anything?

Juliana (Brazil): Yummy!

Francis (UK): Someone got fed up of smearing multi-coloured sprinkles on his stale white bread so he just went for sausage-ketchup-mustard thing instead. Do you just smear all your foodstuffs onto stale white bread?

Candice (US): Yes, please. This looks like home.

Rosa (US): It's a hot dog. We have these too. They're fantastic. Nothing weird here. Unless eating in parking lots is a thing that lots of people do.

Susie (US): Are there no hot dog buns in Australia? Would try, though.

Jessica (US): It looks like a sketchy hot dog. I wouldn't eat it.

9. The Mall's Balls in Rundle Mall. / Creative Commons

Juliana (Brazil): Instagram ready!

Paul (UK): I hope in the winter they dress this thing as a snowman.

Amna (UK): Maybe we should get these so we can see if we are about to be mugged.

Hilary (UK): Every city needs a giant pair of shiny balls. Also, is that really Australia? It looks like Wigan town centre on a wet Wednesday.

Laura (UK): Town centres are dull as fuck the world over.

Francis (UK): Are these the Big Balls that Bon Scott was referring to in Aussie rock legends/lyrical misogynists AC/DC's shit novelty song "Big Balls"? Because they're very big.

Adam (US): It reminds me of the Cloud Gate sculpture in Chicago. Maybe it's the same artist?

Candice (US): I wouldn't get anywhere near it.

Rosa (US): Classic mall sculpture.

Jessica (US): Shiny balls. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Alex (US): lol balls.

10. Prime Minister Tony Abbott. In Budgy Smugglers.

Craig Golding / Getty Images

Adam (US): Please give us an NSFW warning, guys.

Paul (UK): Oh, Christ, that's a politician isn't it. I didn't need to see this.

Karima (India): At least your PM is athletic.

Lena (Germany): At first I was a little irritated by the wet hair on their chest. Then I realised their swimming trunks say "smuggler". I have no idea what's going on there.

Hilary (UK): He looks like he just pooped in the pool. "I'd give it five minutes if I were you, mate."

Rosa (US): The ill-equipped aquatic love child of Tony Blair and Andy Serkis?

Juliana (Brazil): Keep up the good work!

Francis (UK): Wow, Ian Thorpe is ageing *terribly*.

Susie: Wish I could read what it says above "smuggler." Also, why is your prime minister appearing in public in any kind of "smuggler"?

Katie (US): Pretty jacked for an old guy.

Jessica (US):
His chest hair is shaped like a penis.

11. Chris Hemsworth and Isabel Lucas starring on Home and Away.


Karima (India): Is... that.. Chris Hemsworth????????

Amna (UK): After school staple. LOVED. Gave me feels.

Laura (UK): Home and Away and Neighbours had the BEST school dresses.

Francis (UK): Their faces are wholesome but their minds are clearly pure filth. Is that a Hemsworth on the right? Are you all Hemsworths?

Adam (US): That is a Hemsworth. Idk which. Chris, probably. More importantly, look at all that plaid.

Candice (US): This looks like an Aussie version of Saved by the Bell.

Rosa (US): A teen soap where only the leading lady gets to cinch her dress to make her "the attractive one". Is she pretending to crush on this obviously gay 28-year-old senior?

Susie (US): The lighting says early '90s but the uniforms say '70s–'80s.

Jessica (US): I identify with the #foreveralone girl in the background. She seems awesome. I would be friends with her.



12. A quokka.

Karima (India): BE MY PET.




Lena (Germany): OH MY GOD WOMBATS I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. (Actually, I still have the plan to get a wombat for me, and then it would sit on my desk all day and be cute and we'd be best friends forever.)

Amna (UK): So cute. But will it kill me is the question.

Hilary (UK): Oh my god, is that wombat smiling? It looks so cute, but could probably poison you with its talons, or probably it opens its mouth and a million spiders come out and swarm all over your face.

Juliana (Brazil):
Cute! Can we pet this?

Francis (UK): This is the only friend I'll ever need. All my other friends are fired. Quokka is my everything now.

Alex (US): I want 12.

13. Goon of Fortune.

Lena (Germany): Huh??! First I thought it was a giant shark wrapped in foil, hung up to dry. Now I don't know what to think anymore. Is this what Australians do with their pillows after waking up in the morning?

Paul (UK): Solar shower. They actually sell these in the UK but the sun is LITERALLY NEVER OUT so they don't work.

Amna (UK): The humungous pegs are adorable but Australians dry clothes weird if that is in fact what is happening...

Katie (US): Is this wine in a bag? Please tell me it's wine in a bag.

Susie (US): Is this full of wine? An outdoor solar wine-heating advice? I have no idea.

Rosa (US): That's a space-bag! Don't expect any college graduate to not recognise the heart-soul of boxed wine! No idea why it's hung on a clothesline; we'd just throw them at each other then take a drink.

Hilary (UK): Ah! A bag of wine on a washing line! The true height of Australian sophistication. I'm assuming this was taken at an ambassadorial reception?

Laura (UK):
Innovative. Australians are probably the only people who are drunker than Brits.

Jessica (US): #PartyGoals.

Alex (US): Is this for aliens?

14. The Twelve Apostles. / Creative Commons

Karima (India): *books tickets to wherever this is*

Lena (Germany): This is so, so beautiful. I want to go there right now.

Paul (UK): Probably something deadly on the beach, despite the good view.

Amna (UK):
OK, I get it, this may be why people risk all the deadly animals to come visit.

Hilary (UK): I have actually been here, and it's STUPIDLY, unbelievably gorgeous. Well done, Australia. It's almost worth putting up with shower snakes for.

Laura (UK):
Photoshopped Cornwall.

Adam (US): This is stunning.

Alex (US): This looks like a screensaver!

Candice (US): Beach of my dreams.

Jessica (US): *packs bags * *travels to Australia*

15. Flinders Street Station and tramline in Melbourne.

Flickr: allan_harris / Creative Commons

Amna (UK): Somewhere to hide from the snakes.

Hilary (UK): Ah, Melbourne. You mock us Edinburghers with your complex and fully functional tram system. Damn you. DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL.

Paul (UK): Everyone can appreciate a good tram-way. It's, like, the one thing that our worst town, Croydon, has going for it.

Laura (UK): Photoshopped Manchester. Stop stealing our stuff!

Juliana (Brazil): We have one like that in Brazil!

Francis (UK): This is a clock tower one of Australia's settlers stole from Britain and smuggled on board his prison ship.

Katie (US): Looks like the one old church in like Cleveland.

Candice (US):
This makes me want to visit. Minus the snakes... I'm still scared.

Alex (US): OK, moving to Australia.