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Where The Fuck Is Gendry On "Game Of Thrones"?

He's going to be so fit from all that rowing. Contains spoilers for Season 6.

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Even Edmure Tully has returned – surely Gendry can't be far behind?

Benjen. Edmure. No one just disappears on #GameofThrones WHERE ARE YOU GENDRY.

Last we saw of him, Ser Davos had put him in a boat headed for King's Landing.


This was in order to save his life from Melisandre, who was ready to burn the bastard as a sacrifice to the Lord of the Light (she ended up burning bb Shireen instead).

We've been wondering ever since where the hell he is.


Is he STILL rowing?

I mean, that could come in handy, to be honest...

Gendry is gonna show up and ferry Daenerys' army across the sea with his massive rowing arms one by one like a speedboat. #gameofthones


But seriously, it's not like he's an unimportant character (don't fight me on this).

He's probably the last Baratheon alive.

He BETTER be alive.


And let's not forget his importance to Arya.

For real though, Gendry's life was saved MULTIPLE times throughout the series – and on a show that isn't afraid to kill off unnecessary characters, this HAS to mean something.

Right?! RIGHT?!

It is the season for character comebacks, after all.



Day 1085 of Gendry Watch: still no sign of Gendry. Brief mention of Brotherhood w/o Banners: maybe he's with them?

literally dont care about anyone coming back to Game of Thrones except Gendry.