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    We Rated A Bunch Of Democracy Sausages Because Why The Hell Not

    Sausage sizzles are the best thing about Australian politics tbh.

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    It's Super Saturday! There were not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE by-elections, and we decided to take a look at the most important aspect of them: the sausages.

    First up, let's go to Perth...

    The Hot Dog Wannabe

    http://@abhinav.sarna / Via

    Jenna G: Not gonna lie, this looks delicious. But the hot dog bun and mustard zig zag feels like American encroachment on an iconic Australian dish, and for that I must deduct some points. 6/10

    Jenna C: I mean, just look at that mustard application. This masterpiece belongs in a gallery. 8/10

    Total: 7/10

    The Pocket Rocket

    @blueapocalypse / Via

    Jenna G: Rocket? In THIS economy?!?! 1/10

    Jenna C: Rocket? Relish? Excuse me Ms Extra, I didn't realise voting was a black tie affair. 5/10

    Total: 3/10

    The Double Sauce

    Twitter: @Gezza_Lenko

    Jenna G: I am into barbecue sauce on my sausage sizzles. But barbecue AND tomato sauce? It's too much. The onion looks good though. 5/10

    Jenna C: This has everything going for it except the barbecue sauce which is a deal breaker for me. This is the gastronomic version of the coalition; all great elements but they don't work well together. 1/10

    Total: 3/10

    The Loner

    Twitter: @GenoveseMichael

    Jenna G: WHERE IS ALL THE WHITE BREAD? Why so many rolls, Perth? This sanga is also missing onions, and the sauce application is a bit of a mess. But I'd put it in my mouth. 6/10

    Jenna C: That sourdough makes me feel things deeper than Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon's sleeper hit Step Mom. 10/10

    Total: 8/10

    Next up, Fremantle...

    The Toastie

    @deathwombat / Via

    Jenna G: Again with the mustard? And a TOASTED hot dog bun?! This just feels wrong. And yet...I'd eat it. 6/10

    Jenna C: Toasted bread? Disgusting. Disgustingly brilliant. 7/10

    Total: 6.5/10

    Over to Longman...

    The Basic

    @monroe_the_mini / Via

    Jenna G: This is so sad. I mean, we finally have some white bread, but the sauce ratio is all wrong. Plus that sausage doesn't look carcinogenic enough. 3/10

    Jenna C: If Budget papers were ever plated up this is what would be served. 1/10

    Total: 2/10

    The Broken Bread

    Twitter: @michaelcrosby87

    Jenna G: Not structurally sound. But it looks like it's got a good amount of barbecue sauce, so points for that. 5/10

    Jenna C: Stale bread is more offensive than that Outsiders show on Sky. 0.5/10

    Total: 2.75/10

    The Classic

    http://@miss.hoff / Via

    Jenna G: White bread? Good. Blackened sausage? Good. Onions? GOOD. Just the right amount of sauce? GOOD GOOD GOOD. This is a thing of beauty. 10/10

    Jenna C: The bread to snag ratio is great here. A yardstick for next year's election. 9/10

    Total: 9.5/10

    Bring on Mayo...

    The Lot

    @richgunner / Via

    Jenna G: Look, I'm still not convinced by the mustard, but everything else about this snag is pretty damn perfect. 8/10

    Jenna C: Everything about this is fantastic except for its carb deficiency. It's the sausage sizzle version of Victoria's Secret model. 8/10

    Total: 8/10

    The Bitten

    Twitter: @SophiePointer

    Jenna G: I think this one has a little too much sauce. And 200% too much mustard. But not a bad effort, certainly. 6/10

    Jenna C: The bread is whiter than Palm Beach in January and I am very ok with this. 8/10

    Total: 7/10

    The Downer

    Twitter: @IsabelDayman

    Jenna G: Staring at the internet for 23 hours a day has really damaged my eyesight, so I can't make out much about these sausages. From what I can see, they look pretty damn good. 7/10

    Jenna C: Snags, bread, and biscuits were my main food groups for the majority of my share house years so this makes me nostalgic, hungry and pining for my 19-year-old metabolism. 8/10

    Total: 7.5/10

    And finally, Braddon...

    The Raw Onion

    Twitter: @ClarkCooley

    Jenna G: Um. Those onions are barely cooked. This would literally make me cry. 2/10

    Jenna C: No sauce? Big mood. 1/10.

    Total: 1.5/10

    The Shorten

    Twitter: @billshortenmp

    Jenna G: That bread is folded the wrong way. And you can just tell he's gonna take a big bite out of the middle. I am TRIGGERED. 4/10

    Jenna C: I can't see sauce and I'm skeptical of people who don't enjoy condiments. 5/10

    Total: 4.5/10