This Performance Will Melt Your Mind

What is happeniiiiing.

1. So last night was the finale of The Voice Australia, and’s singer Anja Nissen took out top spot.

2. But the really mind-blowing part of the night came from’s own performance.

Nine Network

3. He took the stage with Cody Wise to perform “It’s My Birthday”, and at first things seemed… fine.

Nine Network

4. Until the dude playing the keyboard looked suspiciously like in a bandanna.

Nine Network

5. And then… another Cody appeared?

Nine Network

6. And woah wait that is definitely playing the drums.

Nine Network

7. And also IN THE AUDIENCE?!

Nine Network

8. Wait whaaaaat?

Nine Network

9. What is this madness?!

Nine Network

10. Oh nothing much just taking the ultimate selfie.

Nine Network

11. And falling down and laughing at himself.

Nine Network

12. And flipping himself off.

Nine Network

13. It was just like…

Nine Network

14. What?

Nine Network

15. The other judges were pretty into it.

Nine Network

16. But everyone watching along at home was very confused, afraid, and basically questioning their entire existence.

I have no idea what just happened #TheVoiceAU

— Jonathan Brown (@JB_AU)

My brain hurts a little, but wow. #TheVoiceAu @iamwill #birthday

— Anna Chaplin (@anna_k_chap)

I think @iamwill just broke the minds of Australian TV viewers. #thevoiceau

— Blake Price-Steel (@blakepup)

You've all seen The Prestige? Yeah, is drowning his clones in the ad break. #TheVoiceAu

— Toby Francis (@Toby_Francis)

My head hurts. Is this entire performance a hologram? #thevoiceau

— Myf Clark (@myfala)

I need a nap. A hug. And a promise never to celebrate anyone's birthday again. #thevoiceau

— Lisa Campbell (@LCLuckiest)

AM I WILL I AM?! #TheVoiceAU

— Daisy H (@officialdaisyh)

Still mindfucked over @iamwill's extraordinary performance on @TheVoiceAU #howdidhedothat #thevoicefinale #TheVoiceAu

— haylee (@GratifyingCam)'s #TheVoiceAU performance was one of the most confusing things I've ever seen.

— Donny Calabria (@Donny101)

25. You can melt your brain by watching the whole thing here:

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26. BuzzFeed has reached out to Channel Nine for an explanation of this trickery, but they’re yet to reveal their secrets.


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Jenna Guillaume is Editor-at-Large for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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