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    13 Simple And Effective Ways You Can Help Refugees

    You can make a difference.

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    1. Donate to the UNHCR's emergency appeal.

    The United Nations' refugee agency is providing aid in the form of essentials like food stamps, medicine, shelter, heating and clothing.

    2. Donate to Save the Children's Syrian Children's Relief Fund.

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    Ten per cent of donations are dedicated to a fund for future emergencies, while the bulk of your money goes towards food, clothes and other necessities for children currently suffering.

    3. Email your local MP and tell them you're concerned.

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    Make your voice heard. Get tips on writing a letter about the subject here.

    4. Donate to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) and help get medical care into crisis zones.

    They currently have teams within Syria as well as places where Syrian refugees need assistance such as Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan.

    5. Become a member of the Refugee Council of Australia.

    This non-profit is the national umbrella body for refugees and organisations dedicated to them. For an annual membership fee, you can stay up to date on refugee issues and reports and vote in RCOA matters while also supporting the organisation.

    6. Sign Oxfam's petition to increase Australia's refugee intake and aid.

    They're currently three quarters towards their goal.

    7. Download the Red Cross' "And then I was a refugee..." app to gain more understanding.

    Based on extensive research and first-hand knowledge, this app puts you in the shoes of a refugee, forcing you to make tough choices in order to survive.

    8. Donate to support the White Helmets - the Syrian Civil Defence rescuing people in need.

    With over 50 bombs falling in Syria a day, these volunteers go to affected areas to save people and help them get to safety.

    9. Take part in the "Refugees Welcome" campaign on social media.

    Help boost the positive message.

    10. If you're a student, parent or teacher, invite Together for Humanity to do a workshop at your school.

    They're a multi-faith not-for-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness and acceptance of diversity in Australia.

    11. Take part in Joining the Dots' Welcome Dinner Project.

    They host pot luck dinners with the aim to connect those newly arrived in Australia - including refugees and asylum seekers - with people who live in their area.

    12. Donate food and household items to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

    They will distribute it to those in need direct to houses or via their supermarket-style Foodbank.

    13. Volunteer at a local refugee/aid organisation. You can find a list of places around Australia here.

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    If you have the time, volunteering can really make a difference while also being incredibly rewarding.

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