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17 Reasons "Cleverman" Is The Best Show You're Not Watching

This could be your new fave show.

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1. Cleverman is a gripping new Australian show set in the near future, featuring sci-fi and fantasy elements combined with real, raw characters and emotions.


It centres around Koen, an impulsive, self-centred young man who becomes the Cleverman - a hero with the power to save the Hairies, an outcast group who are hunted by the government-funded Containment Authority.


5. It's also pretty spooky at times.

The Namorrodor only comes out when things are out of balance

8. Cleverman not only gives us an Australian superhero, but an Indigenous one.

Melbourne Inside Out / Via

Creator Ryan Griffen created the show to give his son Koen an Aboriginal superhero - he even named the main character after him.


9. The show is rooted in ancient Aboriginal mythology, with stories taken from several Aboriginal tribes across the country.

He is the conduit between this world and The Dreaming #Cleverman

Stories of hairy people are common in many different tribes across the country and date back thousands of years. The majority of Aboriginal people still believe the hairy people exist, hiding away from humans with their own society and culture. Griffen had to get permission from elders before including them in the show.

10. Like any good genre piece, it works as great entertainment on the surface while also providing social commentary at a deeper level.

Sub humans are not people #Cleverman

It’s not afraid to tackle injustices done to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders since colonisation, including the forced removal of Aboriginal children from their families.


15. There's also some stellar international stars in the mix.

Iain Glen of Game of Thrones plays millionaire mogul Jarrod Slade, and Frances O'Connor (who is Aussie, but has had huge success overseas) plays his wife, Charlotte, a doctor in the Zone - the area of the city where Hairies are confined.

Catch Cleverman on the ABC in Australia, Sundance TV in the US, and BBC Three in the UK.