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29 Funny As Fuck Tumblr Posts About Periods

"My fave mythical creatures are the happy girls in tampon commercials."

1. On the first time you get your period:

2. And when it arrives early:

3. On the way it literally always catches you by surprise:

4. Especially at the worst times:

5. On getting it in the night:

6. On the rollercoaster that is PMS:

7. And the warning that should come with it:

8. On feeling angry at everything:

9. And wanting to be left in peace:

10. On the horror of cramps:

11. And the intense struggle:

12. On getting them in public:

13. On the true heroes:

14. On the revenge of the uterus:

15. On the constant worry:

16. On the mystery of it all:

17. On Aussie perks:

18. On the terror of tampons:

19. And the myth of tampon ads:

20. On trying to get comfy:

21. On the stupid questions guys ask:

22. And the dream response to this question:

23. Plus the actual perfect response:

24. On the facts:

25. On the risk that is sneezing:

26. And doing anything, really:

27. On thinking it's all over:

28. On knowing it actually is:

29. And this badass truth: