9 "WandaVision" Theories That Seem Totally Legit

    So many mysteries to unravel.

    We're three episodes into WandaVision, and it's so much fun — especially because there are so many fan theories about what's actually going on. Here are some of the best...

    Wanda and Vision wearing '70s clothes sit on a couch looking uncertain

    1. Wanda has created an alternate reality to escape her grief.

    Black and white image of Vision resting his chin on Wanda's head; they're dressed in '50s clothes

    2. S.W.O.R.D. is trying to save Wanda.

    Geraldine in '70s style clothes and a SWORD logo pendant

    3. S.W.O.R.D. and Wanda are trying to save Vision.

    Vision in a '50s style suit looks concerned

    4. Geraldine is Monica Rambeau.

    Geraldine in '60s style hair and makeup in a black and white shot

    5. Agnes is secretly Agatha Harkness, a witch.

    Agnes in '60s costume smiles at Wanda

    6. A demonlike character called Mephisto is controlling Wanda's world.

    Wanda wears a tophat and holds a rabbit

    7. Wanda's kids will be part of the Young Avengers.

    Scott and Cassie Lang emotionally touch each other's faces

    8. Vision isn't Vision.

    Vision wears a cardigan and holds up one hand

    9. And finally, the commercials are all related to Wanda's trauma.

    A Hydra watch

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