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    Posted on 6 Jul 2018

    Guys, "Unreal" Season 4 Is Dropping On Stan In Less Than Two Weeks

    July is the month for more money, dick, power.

    If you're still recovering from Unreal Season 3, which only finished in April – get ready to board the rollercoaster much sooner than you might expect.


    Turns out Season 4 is dropping on Stan in Australia on JULY 17!

    #UnREAL fans! @ConstanceZimmer has a VERY exciting announcement to share... #UnRealonStan

    And the whole season will be available at once! After waiting 18 months between Season 2 and Season 3, this is quite the turnaround.

    Season 4 will see an "All Stars" version of Everlasting, meaning the return of some of our fave contestants: Australia's own August (Adam Demos), plus Alexi (Alex Sparrow) and Faith (Breeda Wool).

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    Rachel, meanwhile, is manipulating those around her harder than ever, while Quinn is a whole new woman after her honeymoon with Chet.

    Season 4 will likely be the last season of Unreal, so here's hoping it will recapture some of that Season 1 magic and go out with a bang.


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