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21 "Twilight" Tweets That'll Make You Say "Damn, I Actually Miss This Movie"

It's been nearly 10 years since the first movie came out, and it's time we talked about it again.


Robert Pattinson deserved an Oscar for saying “you better hold on, spider monkey” with a straight face so jot that down https://t.co/gb1tPrYdZo


It’s kind of messed up that nobody asks me if I’m team Edward or team Jacob anymore


People are so shocked over Robert Pattinson singing in his new film as if Never Think wasn't one of the softest,most iconic bops to bless our ears on the Twilight soundtrack


Me at 4 ay em watching twilight new moon incognito crying because Edward Cullen is truly a white pasty bellend with iron bru eyes and I may or may not be in love with him https://t.co/AjGjdN0GlE


Bella being depressed about Edward in New Moon when she's sitting in a chair watching months go by while Possibility by Lykke Li plays is my daily feel


major hole in the ‘twilight’ plotline: what happens when Bella gets her period ?? 🤔


how they never addressed the fact that bella was full-on hallucinating edward and interacting with it as if this is a normal thing


anyways twilight eclipse was the best movie in the saga


i dont remember which part it was in twilight new moon but it was either where jacob finally cut his hair short or when he first took his shirt off but either part was when i became sexually awakened


edward cullen: *breathes* bella swan:


the year is 2009....the year of twilight new moon.....i was catfishing as an emo girl named fall on stardoll....


I love how Edward and Bella don’t fuck till they’re married like sure let’s nearly kill ourselves over each other but we CANT fuck


I miss when the biggest stressor in my life was wondering if Bella was going to pick Edward or Jacob


me listening to the ICONIC, AHEAD-OF-ITS-TIME track "rosyln" by bon iver and st. vincent from the twilight saga: new moon (original motion picture soundtrack): https://t.co/LfJj4mEf9t


esme and carlisle >>>>> edward and bella


bella: gets a paper cut edward: yeets her into a wall and almost through the other side


Overheard at local book store: "First there's Twilight, then New Moon, then Eclipse, THEN Breaking Dawn. Please, Grandma! I promise, it's not porn. They don't even have sex 'til they're married."


Are we all just supposed to get over the fact that Jacob imprinted on Bella’s newborn


hope my future husband is ok with the fact that a majority of our wedding songs are coming from twilight soundtracks (specifically breaking dawn)



50 years from now when they remake all of the Twilight movies i’ll be the first one in line to see them