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    Sorry, But Edward Cullen From "Twilight" Is Still Hot

    Team Edward 4eva.

    Edward Cullen is back in all our lives, thanks to the release of Midnight Sun — a retelling of Twilight from his perspective — and I for one am thankful for the reminder of my love for this pasty sad boi.

    Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen from Twilight

    While there's been a lot of criticism of Edward over the years — and for good reason — this is not the place to talk about that. This is a 100% hate-free safe zone for Team Edward.

    Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, wearing a v-neck t-shirt

    We all make fun of Bella, but who among us did NOT fall head over heels for Edward Cullen the moment he entered that cafeteria (and subsequently all our hearts)?

    Of course, Edward Cullen is a totally awkward weirdo, but that's all part of his charm.

    When he's not being a total emo angst king, he can actually be quite funny and sweet!

    Like, he's this 108-year-old vampire who still gets shy about showing a girl his room? Bless.

    He's less shy about romantic declarations, and let me tell you, 2008 me was very into it.

    Edward is all about the Drama™️. Never have you seen someone emote so much over some sparkles.

    And let's not forget the "say it!" scene, which I still think about at least once a week.

    Every single interaction Edward and Bella have in the meadow is butterfly-inducing.

    And don't even get me started on "Bella's Lullaby." Let's just watch the scene again in full:

    View this video on YouTube

    With bonus "you better hold on tight, Spider Monkey"! Oh Edward, you adorable weirdo.

    While a lot of Edward's appeal does come from Stephenie Meyer's books (say what you will, but the woman is very good at romantic tension!), a big shoutout goes to Robert Pattinson for taking Edward to the next level.

    I could write a whole essay, for instance, on this specific sunglasses and swagger combination.

    And another on the way he wears this pea coat.

    Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen in Twilight, wearing a t-shirt and pea coat

    And ANOTHER on this post-kiss little eyebrow raise.

    Edward in the prom scene? Yes, thank you, please.

    Edward and Bella dancing together at prom in Twilight

    Edward making out with Bella in her bedroom? A great big hell yes.

    Edward and Bella about to kiss in her bedroom in Twilight

    Edward BREAKING THE HEADBOARD while finally releasing a century's worth of sexual tension? Okay, yes, that too.

    Basically, I will never not love Edward Cullen, despite all his faults.

    Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen, wearing a v-neck t-shirt and unbuttoned collared shirt

    Edward Cullen might be trash. But he's our trash.

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